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Nov 1, 2005 09:58 PM

best beef bourguinon

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All of this talk of fall and stews and beef bourguinon----makes me want to make some this weekend. Has anybody tried the recipie in the Gourmet cookbook or what is your favorite tried and true recipie?

I've never made it w/ the addition of congnac and tomato paste (as in the Gourmet version) any thoughts?

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  1. Julia Child's BB is awesome!

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    1. re: Ericka

      Oui! Julia's boef bourguignonne est la bombe.

    2. Fine Cooking published a great article by Madeleine Kamman several years ago. When I made that recipe, I thought it was truly the best beef bourgignon ever!

      1. The best version of Boeuf Bourguignon I have ever made, and the one that comes the closest to the real deal is from Julia Child The Art of French Cooking.

        It is divine and unforgettable. Cuisine bourgeoise at its best.

        1. Thanks for pointing me to the Julia Child version.

          I'm looking at the recepie right now and am curious about a "real time" estimate on how long this will take to prepare from start to finish (including Prep time). I'm planning on making it for guests Sat. nite and want to time it correctly.

          Can I substitute any bacon for the "slab bacon"? is it really necessary to seperate and reduce the sauce, or will keeping it in the oven longer reduce the sauce without the extra step?

          Thanks for the help!

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          1. re: Cookin

            I'd make it on Friday -- easier to de-fat after a night in the refrigerator.

            I always follow this recipe explicitly. The results are simply fabulous.

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              Can I substitute any bacon for the "slab bacon"?

              I use what my butcher calls double thickness. I have used supermarket vacuum packed bacon in the past and would not recommend it; no flavor. I used to eat cheap bacon and didn't know the difference. If the "any bacon" you want to use is good bacon, then yes, you can substitute it.

              is it really necessary to seperate and reduce the sauce, or will keeping it in the oven longer reduce the sauce without the extra step? If you do not seperate and reduce the sauce, the fat in the sauce will emulsify and the result is a greasy mouth feel.

              1. re: Cookin

                I would strongly suggest preparing it the night before. It will save you time before your dinner, and always tastes better. When it is chilled, you can remove as much of the fat that rises to the top and hardens as you like. Then reheat, and thicken with the beurre maniƩe as needed.

                I have made this successfully for years. Usually in a large le Creuset dutch oven, but I have also made it in my slow cooker (a large ceramic container)on low.

                If you can't get the bacon in one piece to cut into lardons, try the thickest sliced bacon you can find.

                Please let me know how it comes out.

                1. re: Fleur

                  I was thinking possible Neiman Ranch (uncured) bacon---to save a trip to the butchers.

                  Any idea on how long to prepare and cook from start to finish???

                  Even though I would love to prepare it Friday after work for dinner on Saturday night, I'm not sure there will be enough time (unless I'm up till 2am).

                  I'll let everybody know how it comes out. I've made several other B.B. recipies before, but not this one----I'm dying to try it, especially after everybodies glowing reccomendations.

              2. When I made this once, following the recipe exactly, it pretty much took up all the day from noon or so onwards. Was cooking a few other things too, so they may have gotten in the way, but the multiple steps take a lot of time. The results were very good, though.