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Nov 1, 2005 09:43 PM

watery soup - help

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I slaved away and made broccoli soup but because all I had was non-fat milk and I was too lazy to go out for whole milk it is awfully watery. Flavor is good but just weak. Suggestions? You are always so helpful. I live in a small town in southern Baja and don't have ready access to fancy ingredients - although I certainly could have got whole milk if I wasn't so lazy!!! Muchas gracias.

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  1. I would thicken it up with a little instant mashed potato flakes and perhaps make it real thick and cut it back just a bit with chicken broth. Should round out your flavors...may be a TB of butter as well.

    1. some roux might help. melt 1 tbsp butter, whisk in 1 tbsp flour, add to soup. let simmer to reduce. add more roux if needed.

      1. I see broccoli-cheese soup a lot of places. Maybe you could just add some grated cheese to tighten it up.

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          If you're desperate, a little Velveeta would probably be easiest and work best. I hate to say, but that's my secret ingredient in cream of broccoli soup.

        2. The cheese and roux ideas are both good but what you need to do is make a cheese sauce using both so that you don't get strings of soup floating around in your soup. It would help incorporate the cheese. Also some heavy cream would be a good addition. I cn't think of much of anything that is good with nonfat milk.

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            Didn't read the other posts but a trick I've found useful is to simply grate a potato into the soup. The shreds disintegrate quickly and thicken it up.