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watery soup - help

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I slaved away and made broccoli soup but because all I had was non-fat milk and I was too lazy to go out for whole milk it is awfully watery. Flavor is good but just weak. Suggestions? You are always so helpful. I live in a small town in southern Baja and don't have ready access to fancy ingredients - although I certainly could have got whole milk if I wasn't so lazy!!! Muchas gracias.

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  1. I would thicken it up with a little instant mashed potato flakes and perhaps make it real thick and cut it back just a bit with chicken broth. Should round out your flavors...may be a TB of butter as well.

    1. some roux might help. melt 1 tbsp butter, whisk in 1 tbsp flour, add to soup. let simmer to reduce. add more roux if needed.

      1. I see broccoli-cheese soup a lot of places. Maybe you could just add some grated cheese to tighten it up.

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          If you're desperate, a little Velveeta would probably be easiest and work best. I hate to say, but that's my secret ingredient in cream of broccoli soup.

        2. The cheese and roux ideas are both good but what you need to do is make a cheese sauce using both so that you don't get strings of soup floating around in your soup. It would help incorporate the cheese. Also some heavy cream would be a good addition. I cn't think of much of anything that is good with nonfat milk.

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            Didn't read the other posts but a trick I've found useful is to simply grate a potato into the soup. The shreds disintegrate quickly and thicken it up.

            1. I can't see why it would be too late at this point to add a bit of heavy cream or some whole milk.

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                Lots of great suggestions - what a terrific board this is. Thanks to everyone.

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                Niki Rothman

                I too routinely make, very good and thick, soups using powered skim milk because I just don't use that much whole milk to always keep it on hand.
                You want to make a roux, a classic thickener. It's 1/2 flour to 1/2 butter or oil. heat the fat and add the flour, whisk to mix and fry on a low flame until cooked through. add to your soup, and keep adding more until it's thick enough.
                Cornstarch mixed into cold water and added to soup and boiled, or cooked veg. processed until near smooth will also work.