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Nov 1, 2005 03:26 PM

How far in advance for lasagna? Creme Caramel?

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I'm making a lasagna and want to prepare it at least one day in advance, because I'll be very busy before the dinner. Can I push it to two days? I'll be using no-boil noodles.

I'm also making a creme caramel, and want to do it in advance as well. It'll have a layer of ganache on the top (bottom when plated), so it should be sealed up nicely. The recipe said three days in advance should be okay, but that seems like a lot.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. I've kept a cooked lasagna in the fridge for almost a week (!) with little ill effect on the texture of the noodles. In fact, I think the flavor improves and Reheat is hands-free.

    Keeping a raw lasagna for a few days, I wonder if the dry noodles would become pasty and then what about the eggs...?

    Good luck with your dinner party!!!

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      There are no raw eggs in the lasagna, so that's not an issue, but I agree that the noodles might get weird after several days. Perhaps you're right -- I should bake it in advance, and reheating should be a breeze. I was concerned about it drying out if baked, but maybe it'll be just as good.

      1. re: Clarissa

        Whoops -- forgot to say thanks for the help!

      2. re: vicki_vale

        You can definitely push it to two days. As a matter of fact, I think it will improve the flavor mix, like a good casserole.

        I would bake it before storing, though, taking it out of the oven maybe 10 minutes before it's done. Then on the day of your dinner, just leave enough time to reheat well. This way it's not overdone, just perfect.

        1. re: Dev

          Thanks for that tip. I'll do it just as you said.

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        babette feasts

        Creme caramel should be fine for three days, even five or six. I find it advantageous to make it at least one day ahead, so the caramel has time to get fully disolved by the moisture from the custard, and you get more 'sauce'.

        Cook as directed, let cool to room temperature, then cover each ramekin with plastic wrap before refrigerating.

        Good luck.

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        1. re: babette feasts

          Yippee -- just the response I wanted to hear! Four days in advance would be perfect for me. I'll do it just as you said. Thanks.