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Nov 1, 2005 10:04 AM

Perfect Pork Chops

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Cooking pork chops tonight. I usually cook them on the stove stop with some white wine, mustard, and herbs. Tonight, I have an open bottle of red wine. I suppose that I could do the same thing I usually do but with red wine.

But I thought I would just see if anyone has a fantastic pork chop recipe for a weekday dinner. Something easy with just a few ingredients (willing to stop at the market on my way home). I always get such good advice from this group!

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  1. Take some bread, add onion, S/P, butter and any seasonings you like ( I use Bells Seasoning.) Add water (or stock) and egg to make a stuffing. I have also made this without the egg and water or stock. Then slice and cook some apples in butter with a bit of S/P in a cast iron fry pan. Take out the apples, and sear the ciops in butter. I also coat the chops with a bit of oil Add the apple and stuffing, and cook in the oven in the cast iron pan. Cook on high-. The chops will be have a nice coating, and the stuffing will keep everything moist. I have done this with thick chops and with port roasts. Simple and tasty.

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      Or if you're feeling lazy, Trader Joe's (at least the ones in CA) make a BEAUTIFUL (and inexpensive) pre-stuffed pork chop.

      Just sear in a hot pan and finish it in the oven until the stuffing reaches 140 (I believe). Juicy, succulent, savory and mildly sweet. Holy cow, my mouth is watering right now...

      Mr. Taster

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        Mr Taster- That sounds good, too. But I always like to use recipes like this one when I want to use up the last few rolls, or the heels of bread and when I have an apple or two lying around. I hate to trhow out food, and am always looking for great tasting recipes to use up the cupboard.

    2. I don't cook chops oftne, but bought some lovely double pork chops and consulted JC to see how to cook them so they don't dry out. Her method is to heat the pan, add a film of oil, brown on each side over moderate heat 4-5 minutes, add wine (2/3 cup) and simmer, covered for 4-5 minutes, turn over, cook for another 4-5 minutes, remove chops, reduce wine to a syrup and pour on top. I served this with a plum chutney & asparagus. The chops were nice and tender. I used white wine, but I'm sure red would be tasty too.

      1. My all time favorite preparation is an adaptation of a recipe from the Naked Chef cookbook. Mix up a marinade of lemon zest, some lemon juice, fresh garlic, olive oil, salt/pepper and chopped rosemary and smear it on the chops. Let them sit at least 30 minutes. Then cook/grill them (I use a grill pan but a skillet works ok too). To serve, top them off with a big dollop of pesto (I just use the kind you get inthe refrigerated case at the store) and some mashed potatoes on the side. Yum!

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          THat sounds so good! I love lemon in almost everything- I think I will try this the next time I have pork-- though I imagine it would work just as well with chicken

        2. I love love love smothered pork chops with onions, at least my version which is a knock-off of Ma's version.

          Saute lots of sliced onions.
          Dredge chops in seasoned flour and brown. I used pork chops with the bone because I like to gnaw on the bone.
          Add water or broth or beer to chops and onions and simmer, covered til chops very tender. Serve with egg noodle or mashed potatoes.

          sigh...sadly Mr. Murghi does not like pork... sniff

          1. I just made these pork chops with onions the other day and my husband almost had tears of gratitude.

            Take a few pinches each of fennel seed, thyme leaves, red pepper flakes, kosher salt and black pepper. Proportions are in order shown--but I like it a little spicy. Give this mixture a few turns in your spice mill or grinder. This is your seasoning.

            Get the onions cooking first--when they're just transparent and starting to brown, add the pork chops and sprinkle them with your seasoning. Move the onions to the sides. By the time the chops are done your onions are brown at the edges and some will be very soft and some will still have a little crunch.

            I made with wild rice and TJ's frozen sweet corn. Delish.