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Nov 1, 2005 08:42 AM

where to buy thai curry paste in NYC?

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hey all -

I read the earlier thread on the various kinds of thai curry pastes and I'd love to try making my own curry that way. Where in the NYC metro area could I find a good Thai grocery store that sells these pastes? I'm sure there must be a ton of them, but I don't recall ever seeing curry paste in the Chinatown grocery stores I occasionally shop at. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Its a small jar and really available in most grocery stores in NYC but Kalustyans would be a sure thing.

    1. It was probably there, in Chinatown - most of the grocery stores these days cater enough to Westerners that they've started carrying things like this, even if their regular/traditional customers have little use for them. I would avoid general grocery stores outside of Chinatown unless you have no choice. Prices will be higher (sometimes laughably so) and turnover invariably lower.

      There are 2 specifically Thai groceries that I know of in Manhattan's Chinatown - one on Mosco St., the other on Bayard, both very near Elizabeth St. Preference in brands is mostly a matter of taste, but the paste in the plastic tubs is better than in cans, and the first store, on Mosco, also imports pastes that are kept refrigerated. They're a little more expensive and they sometimes run low until a new shipment comes in, but they're worth a little bother.

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        I second the Store on Mosco Street. All of their pastes are the best i have ever purchased. head and shoulders above anything in a jar.

        Dont forget to stop next door at fried dumpling for fried dumplings. 5 for $1. Damn I miss NYC

      2. there is actually a small grocery section at chelsea thai (in the chelsea market). they carry penang curry paste, green curry paste and i think another one... as well as other basic thai ingredients.
        i buy the one in small cans. the penang curry one is always a HUGE hit.

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          Jonathan Saw

          Chelsea Thai is more convenient but the place on Mosco Street is the best, especially since you're in Chinatown often anyway.