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Oct 31, 2005 10:48 AM

Slightly Mushy Yellow Delicious Apples--Suggestions?

  • k

I bought some yellow delicious apples at the produce market yesterday and the flavor is good, and sweet, but they are slightly mushy. I just can't eat mushy apples. I probably have 6 of them left. Any non-pie (too labor intensive) suggestions?

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  1. Applesauce? You can do that easily in the microwave and if you do make it in the microwave you do not need to add any water to the apples. I cook them down and mash then see if they need sugar or other seasoning like cinnamon. It is really simple. Peel, core, chop, nuke until softened.

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    1. re: Candy

      do you mean mushy or mealy? i have a knack for always being able to pick the mealy ones which i really dont like. but i agree applesauce would be a good way to go and kfk's suggestion to nuke them sounds super easy.

      1. re: furryabdul

        not mealy, thank goodness. that's the worst. no microwave, however.

        1. re: kfk

          Core & slice the apples and put in a pan with a bit (1/2 inch or so) of water. Boil the water, mashing/stirring the apples every once in a while. If the apples are already mushy, the whole process will only take a few minutes. Pass through a potato ricer, strainer or food mill to remove the skins. You can peel the skins off before boiling if you lack the tools to remove the skin after it's cooked, but boiling with the skins adds a bit more flavor. Season with cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and salt to taste.


        2. re: furryabdul

          What's the defining point between mushy and mealy?

        3. re: Candy

          i currently have more apples that i can eat, so i've been making apple sauce. i found a great recipe, autumn apple sauce, from epicurious. it's good and a very simple recipe. the recipe calls for an assortment but i've made a batch all red delicious and a batch all macs and both sauces are good. tomorrow i will mix the macs with the red delicious...

        4. You can make a apple spiced cake with the apple sauce.