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Oct 28, 2005 01:30 PM

Red Velvet Cake

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I would like to make a red velvet cake or cupcakes for a friend's birthday. Just wondered if anyone has any great recipes? Thanks!

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  1. Just did a retro food dinner recently (see Sloppy Joe posting) and someone brought a Red Velvet Cake. I must say it was way better than any RV Cake I remember from when I lived in Georgia and that's saying a lot cuz that state is Red Velvet Cake central. My friend got this recipe off the food network website and she sprinkled toasted chopped pecans on top which is the authentic garnish.


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    1. re: badbetty

      RV is yummy, just be careful that no one eating it is had a red dye food allergy - can be very dangerous. Found out first-hand about that at party I attended years back where one of the guests landed in the ER. There are "natural" RV recipes out there that rely on the interaction of the cocoa and baking soda to produce the red color without the dye. I don't have the recipe on-hand, but you might be able to get it from a baking site like The Baking Circle ( Good luck!

      1. re: Suzanne

        Has anyone noticed any differences in the taste between the red velvet cakes that rely on the chemical reactions of various ingredients for their coloring, versus those cakes that rely on food coloring? Was simply curious.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. re: Laura

          It could be my imagination, but I think the traditional RV cake with the dye tastes a bit dye-like. Certainly not as bad as red icing roses on the tops of cakes, but a little something metallic there.

          1. re: Suzanne

            Thanks for the advice. I doubt that you are "imagining" this taste at all. I know that red food coloring definitely has a flavor to it--they even make "no taste" red coloring because of this. Not sure why all red food coloring isn't "no taste" but I'm sure there must be some sort of strange reason.

            I think the idea of the "natural" red velvet cake is awesome anyway, since it is crazy to think about the chemical reactions of different edible things causing such things as color changes. This crazy chemical reaction is probably reason enough for me to try a recipe sans food coloring.

            Thanks again.

            1. re: Laura
              Caitlin McGrath

              Laura, I've only ever seen recipes with food coloring, and am mightily iontrigued by the idea of one that relies on the chemical reaction of ingredients. Could you point me to a recipe?

    2. If you are willing to go non-traditional, the link below gives Jamie Oliver's Surprise Cake, which is made with beetroot,amongst other things. I'm sitting here with a slice right now, and it's a moist, almost artificial pink cake, with lots of different, subtle flavours.

      The picture below is of my slice, with a simple cream cheese frosting, which goes very well.

      My only alternation would be to reccomend going easy on the orange juice and zest - the earthy beet flavour is subtle and I think I slightly overwhelmed it with my enthusiasm with the orange.