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Oct 28, 2005 12:08 PM

For those with a pressure cooker.... DELICIOUS thai style soup recipe!

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Ever in search of ways to make my $70 pressure cooker investment not feel like a waste of money, I tried out the linked recipe of chicken coconut curry soup.

Holy bejezus, was this recipe fast, easy, and SUPER delicious!! The chicken cooked fully in upwards of 16 minutes (8 on direct heat, 8 off) and the result was fall-off-the-bone tender, seasoned wonderfully with the infused chicken/coconut/curry combination.

My only comment to this recipe is to be careful when adding the lime juice at the end, as I found the recommended 3 tbsp way too strong (on my second take, 2 tbsp proved perfect).

So, fellow pressure cooker hounds, how would you augment this recipe? I think some bean sprots on this rice noodles with be perfect for this.

Also, please feel free to post your favorite pressure cooker recipes here.

Pressure cookers UNITE

Mr. Taster


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  1. :'(

    Mr. Taster

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      Oh, I hate to see a hound cry so I had to respond. I don't own a pressure cooker, but you should check out Fast Food My Way by Jacques Pepin (the sophisticated version of 30-minute meals). It's the cookbook that's based on his PBS series. I've seen him use a pressure cooker several times on his program, although I don't know what's in the cookbook exactly. You could also check the website.

      Whenever I think of pressure cooker, I'm always reminded of the episode of A Cook's Tour where Bourdain is in England and looks totally terrified of the pressure cooker his two Indian hosts are using. Drinking cobra blood was no big deal, but a pressure cooker was apparently frightening. They used the cooker to make some sort of Indian stewed lamb dish, IIRC.

      Can't you use regular recipes and then just shorten the cooking time?

      1. re: Carb Lover

        Pressure cookers definitely cook things to a different tenderness than oven or stovetop. I have a cheap stainless steel one from the 70s (the usual brand, can't think of it right now) and maybe I was scared the first time, but there are 3 or 4 pressure relief systems that would prevent an explosion; you are supposed to check the rubber parts for wear and look through the hole on top to make sure it's not clogged before use. I havn't replaced the gasket or anything in 30 years and it still works beautifully. Don't be afraid, I'm sure the newer ones are even safer.

    2. I just got my power back on Thursday night after Wilma...I live in Naples...and my cable was out til today thus no internet til today. I will leave the state if there's ever a Cat 4 or 5...anyway, have you tried Epi's Short Ribs with Asian Flavors, a pressure-cooker recipe? Just make sure you trim the ribs VERY well of all fat before you cook them...the sauce comes out a bit greasy but the meat is just falling apart and the flavors are very good in this recipe. If you work full-time, a pressure cooker can be a God send...even Jacques Pepin likes them!!! Link below...(it's so good to be back on line!)