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Oct 26, 2005 09:56 AM

home made rice wine vinegar - is it possible?

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Can I make rice wine vinegar from sake? I have some apple cider vinegar with a mother in it. Any chowhounds with experience with this? I have done red wine vinegar for years. Would like to try this with sake.

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  1. Yes, I just made some myself. I started it a month ago and it tastes fine. I will filter it next week, then jar it for a few months of aging.

    I have over 25 types of homemade vinegar aging right now. Syrah/shiraz, zinfandel, cabernet, merlot, pinot noir, desert wines, champagne, reisling, chardonnay, lychee wine, beer of several types including lambics, IPA's, Belgians, 1993 Sam Adams triple bock, sherry, and more including three gallons of cider vinegar from a batch of winesap/honeycrisp cider I made a few years ago that oxidized due to bad seals on one of my kegs. This holiday season everyone is getting a selection of fancy bottles of vinegar.

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      I've never had beer vinegar. What's it like? Similar to malt vinegar? How do you use it?

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        Malt vinegar is made from malt liquor, ie. beer without any hops. Beer vinegar has a unique taste because of the hops and the variety of beer you start with. I use all my vinegars for anything you might use vinegar for, the more complex ones I sometimes reduce and they can get like a traditional long aged balsamic... but without the hundred+ bucks for a tiny bottle.

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          You are my vinegar God. Very cool. Have you thought about going big with your ideas? Making different vinegars. Sounds like an easy sell.

          1. re: Hanako

            Uh... yes... I have a line of food products coming out next year.


            1. re: JMF

              Very cool indeed. I should tell you, I too had an affair with your Vietnamese girlfriend. Me love Banh Mi!

              Good luck with your vinegars. I look forward to buying them one day.

      2. re: JMF

        Very cool. My Belgian chef friend, who got me started on this, never filtered his stuff. He would take the vinegar directly from the pot whenever we made dressing.

        I like the idea of aging it. It will mellow and develop depth.

        How do you filter? Cheesecloth?

        1. re: Hanako

          I use coffee filters. They help to clear it a bit, but not fine enough to remove any of the flavor. I once used a wine filter but while the reslt was crystal clear, half the flavor was gone. You don't have to filter if you can siphon off the top that is clear and settled.