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Oct 26, 2005 03:03 AM

Making flavored and colored pasta from scratch

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When asking for ideas about using flavored pastas, toodie jane asked if any Hounds have experience/recipes for making homemade pasta in exotic flavors

Don't know how exotic these are, but this link to, of all places, Hormel has info about how to make chcolate, spinach, tomato, lemon, strawberry, etc pasta. I'm thinking looking at this, you could get an idea of making different flavors.

Anyone have experience in this? Any recipes?


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  1. Aside from plain pasta, the only other kind I've made is spinach pasta.

    my advice is first, of course, make sure you squeeze every bit of water you can out of the spinach. Two, you really need a food processor to chop that spinach into a puree. Then add the eggs, flour and - if using - olive oil - to the processor and process it with it. You can't have larger bits of spinach left or when you stretch and roll it, it will break and cut. Third, if doing lasagna noodles, don't do them at the thinnest setting on a hand-rolled pasta maker (setting 6 on mine). It is too thin and ends up getting almost gummy when cooked.

    Try it out... spinach pasta is wonderful. I've been meaning to try sun dried... maybe I'll do that next.

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      IIRC, my experience with spinach pasta was very similar to adamclyde's. Get all that water out!

      I remember thinking it didn't have a particularly pronounced spinach flavor, but I did think that it was a lovely green! Don't remember the exact proportions I used--followed a recipe from Marcella H.

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        i use frozen chopped spinach, nuke it and put it in a collander and really squeeze with the back of a rubber scraper. I then have used the pasta, rolled very thin to make a scallop and mushroom lasagne with white sauce incorporating white wine that is well received. I don't have an exact recipe but kind of make it up as I go along but people love it.My noodles don't get gummy and are very light, but I do use semolina to make them. That may be what helps.

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          good idea to use semolina for spinach pasta... helps preserve the "bite"