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Oct 25, 2005 05:59 PM

Sir Gawain's cake is great with cranberries too!

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I just made that super simple terrific cake with cranberries. Looked really pretty and tasted just wonderful-great for this time of year. All summer I've been seeing all those beautiful photos of this cake and haven't gotten around to baking it. It's so good with the cranberries--I did add some lemon zest,a few drops of almond extract as well as vanilla and used 1/4 c. yogurt instead of all milk. Used a bit more sugar on the top (mixed with cin. and nutmeg) since cranberries are pretty tart. Next time I may try a strusel mixture on top of the cranberries and subing orange juice for the milk. I loved the fact that this isn't a huge cake so you aren't eating cake for a week!
This recipe so reminds me of an old fashioned coffe cake dough that I haven't had in years. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe- its a real keeper!

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  1. Sorry about the double post, don't know why-----

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      That's OK and thanks!!!! :-D

    2. Great idea to take SG's cake into the holiday season! Cranberries are so plentiful and cheap. I think a light streusel topping would be great. I would use orange zest instead of OJ; I personally think it needs the milk (or buttermilk which I often sub in). And yes, it does remind me a bit of the batter for my favorite coffee cake.

      1. I'm looking forward to making this cake and the cranberries are a great idea. I love cranberry sauce with candied ginger, and might try adding slivers, though I'm a little worried it would over power the cranberries in this instance.

        1. Cranberries, what a great idea! Sorry if this is a dumb question, but did you simply press whole fresh cranberries into the batter before baking, or first cook them with sugar until they burst, or what?

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            I just used fresh uncooked cranberries which made it super simple. It did take quite a few since I completly covered the whole cake, but certainly not more than a 12 oz. bag. I had 5#'s (went to a bog in wisconsin), made cranberry vodka, many muffins and now this cake.