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Oct 25, 2005 03:23 PM

homemade food gift ideas

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Anyone had any particular successes or have fun ideas? I've done raspberry vodka and vanilla extract already. I'm thinking tea blends and flavored oils this year. Thoughts?

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  1. I made chocolate truffles for a birthday present and they went over quite well (even better as gifts to women). For extra visual appeal I had plan cocoa truffles and ones covered in coconut sugar.

    1. I usually do toffee and/or cookies. Also, I've done different food baskets. I usually pick a theme and put different complimentry items together. One year, I found this cute colander so I used it as a basket and filled it with pasta, sauces and olive oil. I sometimes do a mix of homemade items and store bought ones.

      1. I stole this idea from another 'hound: homemade Nutella! I am making this for my sibs this year. Along with my traditional cranberry vodka since I think there would be mutiny if I didn't!)


        1. I've had good luck giving people croutons. They're pretty easy to make in the oven - I use day old bagels but you can use any type of cheap bread really. The great thing about them is they last forever....

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            The holiday issue of Fine Cooking has a bunch of great ideas for holiday food gifts, including homemade granola, which I think I'm going to do (but using my own recipe rather than theirs).