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Oct 25, 2005 02:29 PM

Mashed Potatoes

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My family's mashed potato aficionado has moved to Vancouver and I have been charged with the task of preparing the taters this year. My mom asked for something "special", so I'm open to your ideas! TIA!

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  1. i know this is really simple but so delicious: stir in chopped scallions along with the milk and butter...

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    1. re: furryabdul

      ...and/or some roasted garlic!

      1. re: LindaMc

        Thanks - I should have said that I was looking for something besides my old standby - garlic smashed potatoes. Are there any dishes that use mashed potatoes in an interesting way? Should I fry them? Or maybe an interesting spicing combination?

        1. re: gini

          Have you considered twice-baked white and sweet potatoes?

          That is, you bake sweet potatoes and large russets (oil the russets a bit to make the skins more sturdy for re-use). Cut open (neatly, in the case of the russets). Scoop out the flesh, and save the skins of the russets. Put the scooped flesh through a ricer and then lightly mash together (first with butter then with dairy -- if you reverse the order, it will get gluey). Add garlic (or, may I suggest, some freshly grated nutmeg -- or other spices if you like) and salt and pepper, and scoop back into the saved russet skins and rebake at moderate heat. Garnish with garnish of your choice (freshly chiffonaded herbs, finely grated cheese, et cet.) upon serving.

          1. re: Karl S.

            PS. You can also use chicken broth in lieu of milk/cream, for a lighter touch.

          2. re: gini

            I once did a shepherd's pie and enjoyed the potatoes more than anything else.

            Basically, whipped egg whites were folded into regular mashed potatoes, then the entire thing was baked until fluffy and golden on top. I loved it. It's probably slightly better for you too, what with the added protein and lighter texture. You feel like you're eating a lot but it's not as dense.

          3. re: LindaMc

            Along with roast garlic I like a squeeze of fresh garlic added toward the end. But I really love garlic.

            Saffron mashed potatoes are a little fancier. The saffron gives the potatoes a nice color, but the flavor is easily overpowered by everything else likely to be at a thanksgiving dinner.

            1. re: nooodles

              Saffron sounds nice as you put the saffron into the boiling water as one recipe suggests or while mashing?

              1. re: gini

                I have a few threads soaking in a few tablespoons of hot water. When it's soft, I mash up the threads as much as possible and pour it in after I've added butter and cream to the potatoes. There might be a way to get more flavor out of the saffron, but this is how I've done it in the past. It seems like a waste to put them in the potato boiling water, since so much of that liquid is discarded.

                1. re: nooodles

                  Lightly toast the saffron threads in a dry skillet first (be careful not to burn them), then add them to some of the hot milk, half and half or cream that you will be adding to your potatoes and mash them with the back of a soup spoon to "dissolve" the threads, then add with the rest of the milk and butter to your potatoes.

        2. I've found that this is a somewhat controversial blend, but I like avocado mashed potatoes. It does have an unfortunate green tinge, however.

          1. I made a mashed potato recipe several times from one of the Thanksgiving editions of Bon Appetit - perhaps you could search epicurious. The mashed were layered with a parmesan/sundried tomato mixture, then baked. Very tasty and a crunchy top to boot.

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            1. pass em through a food mill, make em with your dairy, and finish with truffle oil. Add shaved truffles as your budget can afford...

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              1. re: dano

                Right on! The only thing I'd add is that you bake the potatoes so that they are dryer and can hold more cream, butter and truffle oil.

              2. If you like some spice....

                Make your favorite recipe of mashed potatoes (with *way* too much roasted garlic, butter, cream, and
                chives) and then add a healthy dose chipotles in adobo sauce (available canned in most markets).

                Adds a nice kick of smokey flavor and heat.

                Of course a nice spicy southern sausage gravy never hurts either.