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Oct 25, 2005 12:52 PM

Duck Ragu Recipes

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I have 4 duck legs, and am craving pasta. I was thinking of making a duck ragu. I've only come across one by Molto Mario. Does anyone have experience with it? Any other recipes would be appreciated.

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  1. Hello-

    As much as I would love to jot down an off the cuff recipe here, all thoughts have been banished from my mind after reading a thread from a couple of days ago about a rabbit ragu... Mmmmm

    The same recipe with duck insted of the Rabbit should be magnificent!

    Maybe after I clear my mind, I'll have some recipes of my own to suggest. Read that thread... mmmmm


    1. I made a duck ragu with 4 duck legs about ten days ago. It was based on a Mario Batali recipe I found online (I had had something similar at Lupa in NY and was hoping to sort of replicate it). It was amazing. Does your recipe use red wine, tomatoes and porcini mushrooms? If not, and you'd like me to paraphrase the one I used (or I could try to find the link) I'd be happy to do so.

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        yes, please. thanks.

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          Here is the link. The sauce is really, really delicious. The recipe makes a large quantity, enough for a pound and a half or even 2 lbs of pasta, I would think (I used the sauce on separate occasions over the course of a few days and did not keep close track of how much pasta I was using).

          I did not make the bigoli as per the recipe, I used a twisty rustic noodle from Trader Joe's, which worked well.

          I hope my market vendor has duck legs again--I've not seen them since I bought two packs of four.



          1. re: LindaMc

            yes, that was the same one I found online. I will make it this weekend, and report back.