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Oct 25, 2005 08:07 AM

will the chilli kill us?

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hello. the thread about chili a few days ago inspired me to make some yesterday, to eat tonight. what i made was loosely based on the recipe posted by MV (thanks, MV!). it turned out beautifully. i couldn't find any cubed pork, so i used a couple of chops and cooked them in the chili till they practically dissolved. Also used beef, a combo of chilies, oregano, paprika, smoked paprika, loads of garlic, two med. onions, and some black beans (oh shame). dark beer to deglaze.

it's absolutely delicious, and would no doubt be even better this evening if not for this: after it was cooked, i set it out to cool, uncovered, before refrigerating (as i always do). but i forgot to refrigerate it before i went to bed, and i didn't think of it till 3am, when i woke up, remembered, and put it in the fridge. it sat out on the counter for about 6 hours total. do you think it's safe?

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  1. depends on what camp you fall into: better-safe-than-sorry or what-doesn't-kill-you-makes-you-stronger.

    i'd eat it. reheat well if you're concerned. if it's anything like my chili, there are so many peppers in it i doubt anything could survive ;)

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      I second the motion! But make sure that you reheat the chili to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer adding liquid if the chili gets to thick. Beer is the liquid of choice.

    2. I have done the same thing before with chili, soups and meat sauce. I've never had experienced a problem with any of them. So, I'd say it's reasonably safe. It might shorten the length of time it will safely keep in the fridge but I wouldn't be concerned unless it starts to look, smell or taste strange.

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        As someone who has had food poisoning six times (I'm sure that's some sort of record) let me be the one to pee in your cornflakes. You may not get sick from your chili but the above statement is incorrect: it does not have to smell, taste funny or show any other problems in order to grow bacteria that can make you sick. Higher proteins like beans grow bacteria FAST.

        However, people react differently. My brother and I ate the same food as teenagers. He got a little burpy/sour stomach...I vomitted every half hour for 24 hours accompanied by a lovely diarrhea. Same thing in college. My entire college choir ate chicken that was undercooked at a church. A few people felt a little sick, some didn't feel anything, I ended up at the hospital unable to stop throwing up and we had a flight to catch.

        So, eat away, but just be aware that you ARE taking a risk - don't delude yourself into thinking there aren't bacteria growing that COULD make you sick. The good news is the vomitting ALWAYS stops!!

        (And if it does make you sick, I'm a pro and have great tips on how to recover)

        1. re: krissywats

          thanks, krissywatts. i do appreciate your input. i've had food poisining a few times myself (thus the request for advice). but in each of those cases i can remember thinking while eating that the offending food did taste a bit funny. i've learned to trust my palate, and luckily haven't had any problem in years.

          the chili was really good, by the way. i'd still be interested in hearing about your recovery tips--it might be a topic that hasn't been covered yet!

          1. re: hobokeg

            If you've had it, you know that reintroducing food or water is a nightmare. A nurse taught me this: do not eat or drink anything until the vomitting has stopped (which will seemingly take forever). If you try to drink or eat, you will just prolong the vomitting. Even water. Yes, you'll dehydrate and probably run a bit of a fever. Once the vomitting has seized for an entire hour take one tablespoon of syrup from peaches (not the light kind, the heavy kind). If you don't vomit, repeat this for an hour, every fifteen minutes. If you do, wait another hour after last vomitting episode. After one hour of syrup every fifteen minutes, slowly introduce sips of water.

            At that point you simply listen to your body and keep sipping water. The vomitting should be over.

            I once went to the hospital to get over food poisoning and simply vomitted up the cocktail they gave me. There is a suppository that works well but it knocks me out and I'd rather do the natural thing when possible. However, if it all lasts for more than 24 hours, I'd go to the hospital. Some kinds of food poisoning can be very serious.

            I sincerely hope that no one EVER needs this advice.

      2. Next time omit the beans. Serve refried beans on the side if you need beans.

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          Hey man i know you sme may think it horrid, but some of us actually like beans in chili, esp black beans

          1. re: MV

            1. Thats why we make it at home. So we can have it as we like it.
            2. Pinto beans.

        2. The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. I forgot and left the chili overnight at room temp. I boiled the chili for a few minutes just to be safe. But we ate it, enjoyed, it, and were just fine.

          1. thanks, guys. will definitely be enjoying this chili tonight!