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Oct 24, 2005 02:20 PM

What to bring to a Halloween party

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We are invited to 2 Halloween parties this weekend and I would like to bring something to munch on. I am bored with all my standard recipes.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Ideally I would like minimum prep when I get there but don't mind reheating.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For a sweet snack, rice krispie cakes with orange food coloring and chocolate sprinkles.

    Deviled eggs tossed with an olive slice to make it look like an eyeball.

    Roasted and seasoned or salted pumpkin seeds.

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      Witches hats:
      You will need any flat chocolate crisp cookies or Keebler fudge striped cookies, Hershey Kisses and a tube of orange decorator icing. Turn cookies upside down so that the chocolate side is up. Use the orange decorator icing to pipe around the hole in the center of each cooke. Place an unwrapped Kiss on the icing circle. Finish by piping around the base of the kiss and drawing a little bow.

      Eye Ball Krispies:
      Make Rice Krispie Treats. Form them into balls, about 1 or 2 inches across. Add a pastel M&M or other small round candy for the iris and dot the candy with frosting or gel for the pupil.

      Or my favorite witches fingers:
      Any shortbread recipe, shape the cookies into a finger. Remember to make sure to squeeze in center to make knuckle and press in a piece of almond at the tip to make finger nail. Picture below of final result.


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        Oops, I didn't know whether if the party is for kids or adults. If you want adult recipes I have them as well. if you'd like.

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          It is actually an adult party-but I love the fingers!! Thanks!

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          I'd love to see that picture but it's not opening.

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            Sorry, here it is below.
            Also as an added touch, I added dark red frosting just below the almonds.


        3. maybe some homemade salsa or other dip, along with blue tortilla chips (for that spooky effect) or cupcakes decorated for the occasion. imo, you can never go wrong with cupcakes. have a happy halloween.

          1. Make any dip and add some orange food coloring (or purple or green--but those are quite unappetizing colors!).

            1. I used to love to make carrot fingers for my Girl Scouts for Halloween, take baby carrots and dab a bit of cream cheese on the end of one, then put a sliced almond for the fingernail and serve with a bowl of salsa for dipping. I also always did deviled eggs with the black olive for the pupil, pretty funny.