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Oct 24, 2005 01:11 PM

Chocolate pumpkin pie

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I'm looking for the recipe for a Martha Stewart Chocolate Pumpkin Pie. Last year I got it off this board (when recipes were still posted on the general topics forum!), but I cannot find it now. It had a chocolate crust topped with a layer of melted chocolate, and then the pumpkin pie filling. The recipe called for a decoration of chocolate stripes on top (moving a spoon dipped in chocolate over the pie so it made chocolate lines). Anybody have the recipe or an online link to it?

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  1. answer my own question. Recipe is in the link below (at the bottom of the thread). It's a stellar pie.


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      ooh, that sounds lovely. I like the idea of the creme fraiche... maybe one chocolate and one with a pecan crust? I think I'll try that for thanksgiving.


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        The creme fraiche (and passing it through a sieve) make this a very smooth, creamy pie filling. Last year I made 5 different trial desserts and this one was the best, by far. The only thing is that every step needs to sit, so the process is long. (The crust has to harden before it gets rolled, then, in the tart pan, it has to cool briefly before cooking, then the pie cools before putting the chocolate on top and the chocolate on top has to harden.) It's not difficult and the actual work does not take long, but the process, from start to finish, is a long one.