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Oct 24, 2005 01:02 PM

mini-food recipes/ideas needed

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We're hosting an engagement cocktail party and wanted to make mini-foods. The idea came as the bride-to-be is very fond of mini burgers. Any ideas/recipes for other appropriate dishes to make? Would prefer things that hold up well during the course of a 3-4 hr party. Thanks!

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  1. We had great success with mini meatball subs at a potluck. We made mini meatballs ahead of time which we kept warm with sauce in a crockpot during the party. On the side we had sub rolls topped with cheese; pre-cut into mini sub portions. It was a huge hit!

    Also what about wraps cut up into bite size pieces? A big hit right now would be turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo - mini Thanksgiving bites

    1. These are blatantly ripped off from my former employer, a white tablecloth catering firm, but with respect...

      Mini "quesadillias"- Cut out 3" Circles from corn or flour tortillia, fill with queso fresco and chorizo, fold in half, quick sear in a nonstick pan with some oil and Viola!

      Mini "grilled cheese"
      buy "ribbon cut" bread- sliced the longway, not up & down- make giant grilled cheese sandwiches, then cut into 1" squares.

      Mini club sandwiches-
      Find Petridge Farm ultra thin sliced bread, combine with relevant fillings, cut to size.

      Those are some quickies, I hope it helps... more fun thatn pigs in a blanket, at anyrate!

      1. Mini quiches- so easy to make using premade pastry shells or ready made pie crusts (the kind you roll out yourself) prssed into mini muffin cups if you don't want to make your own crsut. The filling combinations are endless and most are as good at room temp as they are warm.

        1. I recently made mini-cheesecakes for a dinner party. Since I didn't want to shell out for mini-springform pans, I experimented with muffin pans and 6 oz. ramekins. The muffin pans made 2-inch cheesecakes, and the ramekins 3-inch cakes. I imagine mini-muffin pans would work as well. (If you want straight sides, bake, cool, and then trim with a biscuit cutter.) Of course, you have to adjust the baking time. For example, when using the muffin cups, a recipe that called for 50 minutes of baking for a full 9-inch cake took only 12 minutes.

          1. For desserts, consider looking at Flo Braker's Sweet Miniatures, which is a wonderful book.