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Oct 24, 2005 11:31 AM

Buttercup Squash

  • j

Anyone have any ideas on how to cook some buttercup squash, not butternut, it's green and sort of looks like an acorn squash but without the ridges.


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  1. I roasted mine same as with butternut or acorn, then used it instead of canned pumpkin in a quick bread recipe. It was amazing, better than butternut or sugar pumpkin. But you could use it as you would use any winter squash, it has subtly different flavors (sweeter) than acorn and butternut but I can't think of a place it wouldn't work.

    1. I cut it up in small 1/2 inch cubes and make squah risotto. I put it in at the beginning when sauteeing the onions and then it will cook along with the rice.

      1. steamed or baked, mashed with butter and sprinked with fresh basil!
        In a roast veggie medley: Carrots, squash, onions and baking apples, with candied ginger and cinnamon, s&p.
        Thinly sliced and grilled on the bbq basted with rosemary olive oil.