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Cheap/reliable gram/oz scale? Any suggestions?

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Was ogling this $30 model on Amazon.

Does anyone know what the benefits/disadvantages of different models are? I'm not looking for a sleek, hi-tech model... just a basic but accurate kitchen tool.

Mr. Taster

Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/sea...

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  1. I never even used a kitchen scale till moving to the UK, and now I wouldn't be without one. They're really very handy at times. We bought a very inexpensive model but it works just fine.. converts between ounces and grams, automatically shuts off etc. I'm not sure what's most popular in the States, but that Salter looks dandy.

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      As long as you don't need to-the-milligram accuracy (for example for weighing drugs or saffron), then the cheapest model works fine.

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        That $30 Salter is the scale I own and I love it. It zeroes well, converts easily, and tucks neatly into a small space. I highly recommend it.

      2. When my London daughter-in-law was here, she wanted to bake a cake, and went right out and bought a scale. The brand is Maverick and it wasn't expensive. Do get one with a removable bowl. Some of them have the bowl built into the thing. A kitchen store will have a lot of them to choose from. I don't know whether the digital is more accurate.

        1. Some things to look for:

          Digital /battery power,
          Zeroing out container:
          Make sure it is big enough to see past the container on the scale. Some have too small stages.

          That said, it is a absolute necessity is any kitchen. I always convert from cups to weight. Saves on clean up and is quicker.

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            Miss Tenacity

            Got my iWeigh from saveonscales.com and have been LOVING it for several months now. I checked online reviews of different brands and Salter is the defacto for kitchen brands, but the reviews indicated iWeigh is more respected by professional "weighers" like gem cutters, etc.

            All the functions needed are there - zeroing, calculating units, g/oz conversions, etc. It goes up to 3kg, but there is also a 7kg version on the site, as well as many others. Oh, and it has a 30 year warranty. Sheesh.

            Good luck!

            Link: http://www.saveonscales.com/product_3...

            1. i have that exact model. love it. use it all the time. works great.

              1. I have a similar model that I bought after a long and detailed conversation with the most helpful staffer at my neighborhood SLT. It's great, and as others have suggested you are likely to find yourself weighing ingredients more and more often--I find it a much better approach than measuring cups.

                1. I became a convert to cooking/baking by weight rather than volume a while back. After a few years of using a kitchen scale on a daily basis, I've learned the following can make your life easier:

                  1. Separate tare and power buttons. Most cheaper models combine these into a single button (press once to tare, twice to turn off).
                  2. Easily accessible way to convert from metric to English units, and vice versa. Many cheaper scales require you to flip a slider on the underside of the scale to switch units - a big pain!
                  3. Easily readable display. Many smaller models are flat, with the display level with and close to the weighing platform. If you want to use a large bowl or plate to hold what you're weighing, it will cover the display.
                  4. Removable platform. For those inevitable times you'll spill something all over your scale. Makes cleanup much easier.

                  I currently use the Salter 1400, which has all the above. Pricier than the one you're looking at ($69.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond), but I've found it worth every penny. If you think you'll use your scale frequently, you may want to consider it.