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Oct 19, 2005 11:24 AM

pumpkin martini's... re post from sf board

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rworange posted a query about pumpkin martini's on the sf board.. (hope you don't mind rworange.. thought it was worth sharing here) I guess they serve them at maggiano's.

the article included a recipe. I thought I'd re-post here... and they sounded pretty darn good. if one can find the pumpkin liqueur. I'm going to check my local this weekend.

here is rworange's OP

and the recipe:
The Pumpkin Martini
Recipe adapted from Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant.

3 ounces Bols Pumpkin Smash liqueur

1 ounce Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

1 dash half-and-half

Ground cinnamon, for garnish

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this on Home Cooking. I was going to do the same thing with Robert's suggestion which is

    Seed, peel, and dice a pumpkin, put the dice in a jar, and cover with vodka. Let sit for two months, strain, chill. Serve in a gimlet class with a drop of dry vermouth.

    Robert, I love you. One of the few cooking accomplishments I have is marinating stuff in alcohol. I can do this and it seems to resolve what to do with a Jack o Lantern.


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    1. re: rworange

      It isn't often that the mere name of a food or drink item can make me gag...but "Pumpkin Martini" did it.

      1. re: Snackish

        LOL :)

        when I heard about it I thought.. "ooh, it'd be like pie, you could drink... and a buzz"

        sign me up.

      2. re: rworange
        Robert Lauriston

        The pumpkins they sell for jack-o'-lanterns are nasty. Get a good pie pumpkin, or use butternut or sweet dumpling squash.

        1. re: rworange

          a friend and I were chatting about this... she came up withe an idea to use egg nog instead of half and half.... I think that warrants further investigation.

          I can't wait to try one of these... they do sound like dessert, or at least like something you wouldn't drink all evening long.


          1. re: rworange

            Sounds interesting. I didn't think pumpkin beer would taste good until I tried it. I'll give this a try!

          2. c
            Caitlin McGrath

            Per the article, 378 calories, 38 grams carbohydrate; it's dessert!

            1. Just curious - doesn't "martini" imply gin or vodka?

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              1. re: suzannapilaf

                well, yes. it is a bastardized martini.. but that is what the article in the OP referred to them as.

                1. re: suzannapilaf

                  Actually, "martini" only implies gin. A kangaroo is made with vodka.

                2. Isn't this more like pumpkin eggnog minus the egg? Certainly not a martini, just served in a martini glass.

                  1. hi,
                    I didn't think bols made the pumpkin liqeur???
                    If they still do, let me know because I've been looking everywhere.