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Feb 24, 2004 08:22 AM

Dining near Westin St. Francis hotel

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We will be in town for one night Saturday the 29th of February. Looking for dining near the St. Francis Westin. Ate at Scala last time we were in town and enjoyed it. Any chance of walking in to Tadich Grill around 8:30 on Saturday night? I know that's not near the hotel, but willing to travel for food. Also looking for brunch on Sunday before we depart. Thanks in advance. Any cuisine fine for either meal.

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  1. Farralon and Post Trio are in stumbling distance on Post :-)

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    1. re: SLRossi

      >Farallon and Postrio

      Both have decayed so severely it will be impossible to get me back in if I'm paying. I feel so ripped off when I leave a place like those. I never liked Postrio but Farallon was once able to put together a decent enough plate.

      Speaking of Westin St. Francis, when is Mina's new outfit opening? Or I heard he might be blowing that off and selling out via some national franchise or something...

    2. The Westin St. Francis is on Union Square. Do a search for prior posts on "Union Square" and you will find many recommendations for restaurants near your hotel already on this site available to you. Nothing wrong with walking over to Tadich's however. You might also wish to check out "restaurant row" on Belden Alley, which is between Pine & Bush Streets, just east of Kearny St. Restaurants there include Sam's Grill (very similar to Tadich's), Tiramisu (good Italian), Plouf (seafood/French/specializes in mussels) and B-44 (Spanish, specializes in paella).