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Oct 15, 2005 03:44 PM

Tahini uses?

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Getting ready to make some homemade hummus...what other recipes do you recommend for using tahini? Thanks!

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  1. baba ganoush...

    1. Sesame noodles! The linked recipe is awesome (it's for 1/3 lb of noodles).


      1. I like to mix tahini with peanutbutter. I use it in sandwiches.
        A little tahini on an apple slice is delicious.

        I love tahini-based salad dressing and vegetable sauces, but I have never made them myself.

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        1. re: Val Ann C

          You can use a mix in peanut butter cookies as well. Top with some sesame seeds.

        2. Taratoor style sauce over baked fish or other seafood --- just mix some tahini with the cooking juices of the fish, a little lemon juice to balance, and a bunch of roasted pine nuts, then salt and white pepper to taste.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Recently I combined a couple tablespoons lime juice and about a teaspoon sesame oil to about a half-cup of tahini (freshly out of a new jar) for a sauce for fish. As soon as I began stirring the mixture, it began to solidify, like a science experiement! After mixing in some water to thin, it loosened up. Chemically, what happened?

            1. re: msmarm

              this reply is a bit late but anyways....
              based on my experience (read: experiments) with tahini, what you observed was due to the water in the lemon juice permeating - and causing the swelling of - the water-permeable solids in the tahini. try adding water to tahini, rather than lime juice. you will notice the same alteration in texture and colour that you observed when you added lime juice.
              anywho this is just a theory but it seem plausible.
              to illustrate: i mixed oil with flour such that it was the consistency of tahini. then i added a drop of water. within a minute, it was as thick as the hydrated tahini.

              1. re: FaconLettuceNtomato

                Thanks, FalconLettuceNtomato. So if I want that tahini base for a side sauce for fish or chicken, what would the proportion of liquid (water, lime/lemon juice, vinegar, soy sauce, etc) be to tahini for a pleasantly creamy sauce?

                Would oil (sesame, other flavored) mixed with the tahini create any textural problem?

                Might there be other products/items lateral to tahini that would be a primary ingredient for a flavorful healthy sauce for cooked protein?

                1. re: msmarm

                  To make a nice creamy sauce, I add minced garlic, fresh parsley and some water to the tahini paste. That is when it seizes up for me. After that, I add a good squeeze of lemon juice, and when I stir that in, it loosens back up again.
                  I could eat this sauce all day with a big soup spoon.. I usually use it on homemade gyros.

              2. re: msmarm

                I think it seized with the addition of the lime - kinda like the thing that happens when you accidentally pour water into melting chocolate.

            2. Tahini chicken salad lettuce cups. You can use any chicken salad recipe and substitute 1/3 of the mayo with tahini add some tobasco to give it a kick. Place the tahini chicken salad on Boston lettuce leaves. Garnish with green onions or cilantro.