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Oct 12, 2005 04:17 PM

El Bulli Cookbooks in NYC?

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Is there anywhere in the NYC area that has Ferran Adria's El Bulli cookbooks? I can't afford to buy them, but was hoping they might exist in a friendly bookstore where I might browse for a while. I'm in Brooklyn, but happily willing to travel to find them.



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  1. Not sure if this is the right board for this query. Kitchen Arts and Letters on the Upper East Side had them last spring.


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    1. re: Tom Meg

      Thanks for the possible location. I'll try there.

      I agree on the board thing. I posted first to NYC Cravings, but a moderator told me to move it here.


      1. re: nate

        Library? That's where I get all my cookbooks that I can't afford.

        1. re: nooodles

          I tried the library, and I tried interlibrary loan. No dice. Searching OCLC (the interlibrary loan database) turned up about ten copies (a mixture of English, Spanish, and Catalan) held in the US, about half at culinary schools and half at large research libraries. Despite my attempts, none of them wanted to loan their $200 import-only fancy cookbooks to a public library in the middle of nowhere. :)

      2. re: Tom Meg

        Thanks Tom, they did indeed have all three volumes to peruse, as well as being a very friendly shop with a lot of other wonderful things.

        They're interesting books: certainly not cookbooks by any standard definition of the term. There are no recipes, instead long sections of titled color photos of dishes prepared during a given year, followed by paragraph long text notes about each of those photos. Sometimes the notes explain how the dish was made, sometimes they talk about the origin of the dish, and sometimes the notes seems almost unrelated. None of the notes would be enough on their own to enable you to reproduce the dish, but there are certainly a lot of inspirations one could draw from both the photos and the text.

        1. re: nate

          There are CDs that accompany the El Bulli cookbooks that give a lot more detail and include recipes and go into great detail about the techniques employed at El Bulli. But even armed with all of that information, I doubt many people manage to replicate the dishes in their home kitchens...

          If you understand Spanish and you are looking for a much, much simpler and approachable Adria, you can try to get your hands on "La Cocina Facil de Ferran Adria"--a series of DVDs, and I believe also cookbooks that give simplified recipes geared toward home cooks. I've learned some really simple tricks from them that I use a lot at home.

          1. re: nate
            rodney gordon

            The recipes are on the CDROM in the back of the book, at least in the book written in English ... there's also a lot of other good stuff on the CDROM, lots of the pics etc - it has several variants of English, including American English (?)

        2. There currently are a couple available on Ebay, linked below.


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            Oops, never mind. I missed the part about you wanting to browse rather than buy!