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Oct 11, 2005 05:07 PM

Need Pizza Help

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When I make pizza from scratch, I am usually pleased with the results. I buy superior ingredients, and my crust turns out crisp and delicious. Sometimes I use a metal pizza pan, sometimes a stone, but I have pretty well mastered the art of a great crust. That isn't the problem. The problem is that instead of the flavors of the crust, the sauce, and the cheese all coming together to produce a "classic" pizza taste, I taste all three components separately. The result is often delicious, and what I consider better than what a typical pizza parlor turns out. And yet I'd still like it to taste more like what I can get from a parlor. How should I build the pizza so that the sauce and the cheese meld together better? When I make a pizza bianco, with just dough, ricotta and mozzarella, it turns out perfectly, but it's the tomato sauce that doesn't seem to blend well with the cheese. I mean even Domino's turns out a taste that somehow makes the cheese and the sauce blending happen, albeit in an inferior way. But my pie fails to produce the "sum of its parts" flavor that I am looking for. I usually bake at 450 degrees. Any advice out there to help me achieve what I have described? Perhaps a sauce recipe or other tips?


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  1. Check out this link, it should definitely help any questions you might have.


    1. Maybe try a simple tomato sauce? Or even just tomato slices rather than a fully cooked tomato sauce. Another idea might be to drizzle olive oil ontop of the pie after cooking, or onto the dough beforeputting the cheese and sauce on it.

      1. Put some tomato paste in your sauce which will thicken the sauce. By doing so it will give you the pizza parlor taste you desire.

        1. For me, what distinguishes pizza from plain tomato sauce (like for pasta) is often the combination of herbs used in pizza sauce. You might want to experiment with different fresh herbs to pin down that elusive flavor.

          Sorry I can't be more helpful, but personally I think oregano has a very "pizza-y" taste that I don't necessarily love in pasta sauce.

          1. why would you want your pizza to taste like that storebought cr*p? Like the sauce noted, most of em use tomato paste,loosened a bit of hot water and pomace oil(or worse), dried herbs and granulated stuff, viola!

            It's the lack of quality ingredients that make em taste like they do. Of course there are exceptions, but this holds true for 90% of the pizza out there.

            Enjoy yours.

            p.s. ya missing the salt?