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Oct 11, 2005 01:59 AM

Savory Chocolate Recipes

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Does anyone know of any good websites that feature savory chocolate recipes? Entrees, side dishes as opposed to desserts?

Thanks so much,

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  1. Not a website, but Bittersweet by Alice Medrich has quite a few savory recipes. Vegetables, pasta, mole, etc. They look delicious. Most of them utilize cocoa nibs.

      1. My office is having a chocolate themed potluck, so I've been looking for some savory chocolate recipes myself. Here are a few of my more innovative favourites:
        This article is fantastic, but more for ideas than the recipes themselves. It suggests adding cocoa to roasted cauliflower and mentions a dish that "married cocoa with sweet parsnip purée and earthy black truffle" which sounds just INCREDIBLE.

        And these just looked yummy.
        Aztec South American Chocolate and Chilli Glazed Pork Strips
        Chicken Mole pot pie!
        I was surprised by the sheer amount of recipes included online, as well as the efficiency of the website.