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Oct 10, 2005 02:17 PM

Can anyone recommend a stainless steel roasting pan?

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I am looking for a stainless steel roasting pan but NOT the non-stick kind for a gift. I am looking in Cutlery and More and I see any Emerilware one for around $50.00......isn't that stuff made by all-cald and supposed to be decent? Thanks for the help,Richie

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  1. I use a stainless steel roasting pan that I bought at William Sonoma years ago and have been happy with it - no idea what I paid for it though.

    1. I just purchased a large stainless steel roaster (looks/feels like All-Clad) at Costco for only $35.

      1. Last year I recall reading in either Cook’s Illustrated or Fine Cooking that the All-Clad stainless lasagna pan was a bargain because it’s essentially the same as All-Clad's roasting pans for less than half the price ($99).

        If I recall correctly, the only difference between the pans is the design of the handles.



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          Best one is by viking 7 ply will last you a
          life time + you'll only buy this once!