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Oct 8, 2005 12:42 AM

My merigue is never as pretty as store bought , why?

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I beat it until stiff peak but still glossy and not dry. I use a bit of cream of tarter. I fold in finely ground nuts very gently.

Yet my cookies are still all shriveled and dimpled when it comes out the oven. Why?

How do TJ makes those cookies so perfectly smooth and puffy?

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  1. The hall monitor seems to be confused as to where this message is.

    You are most likely baking your meringue at too high a heat. Pipe them out with a pastry bag and star tip and then bake low and slow, even over night at 150

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      Also, they sometimes use a torch to brown the top instead of keeping it in the oven that long.

      Just a note: there are three kinds of meringue. French, Italian, and Swiss.

      Often, a bakery will use the Italian meringue which is a lttle more glossy and sturdy than the French (soft). And, they often beat it to very stiff peaks (super fine air bubbles) with the help of a little cream of tarter. Italian meringue is made with a simple sugar (boiled) instead of just adding grains (even of super fine sugar).

      See link below for even more about meringue.


    2. Meringue cookies are usually made using the Swiss meringue method. See link for methods.


      1. Do you have a convection oven? If not, that could be it. A professional bakery would be using convection most likely. It tends to cook more evenly.