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Oct 7, 2005 07:47 PM

How do you convert a cake recipe into cupcakes?

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I found a great recipe for Chocolate Banana Cake with cream cheese frosting and wanted to make it for a picnic, but I realized cake is difficult to eat at a picnic. How can I best convert it into cupcakes? Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. I usually find it takes about 1/2 the cooking time.. say if the cooking time is an hour, for cupcakes I'll check them after 20-25 mins.

    if your cupcakes are really small, I sometimes will reduce the temp by 25 degrees or so.

    usually works fairly well.


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    1. re: withalonge

      I pretty much agree...(though I'm a terrible baker since I never follow direction)

      I reduce the cooking temp slightly, and the baking temp somewhat more, but half seems too much a reduction. Visual and toothpick are my guides, not a time formula. But I'm interested in at least B/B+ not in opening a bakery which (I believe) should offer A- or better.

    2. I think it's pretty easy to convert. Cupcakes are so cute, they will go quickly. This is sort of a guess based on having recently made the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes:

      1. One standard 9" cake round should translate to about 9-10 cupcakes. So if your recipe is for 2 9" layers, then should give you about 18-20 cupcakes. Fill liners 3/4 full.

      2. Make sure there's enough leavening for rising. My recipe called for only baking powder...about 1 tsp. per 1.25 c. flour or 12 cupcakes.

      3. Bake at 350F. Start checking around 17 min. Mine took about 20 min. total.

      4. Cool in tin for about 10-15 min. Remove to rack to cool and then frost.

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        This is SO helpful.Just found the" Best Recipe Rich And Tender Yellow Cake", but pondering how to convert from two 9 in pans to cupcakes for daughters' b'day celebration at camp tomorrow. Now feeling a lot more confident i can pull this off.