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Oct 7, 2005 07:23 PM

Snack to pass at the game?

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At the last home soccer game, I was asked to bring some snack to eat, during the game, among the parents. Any ideas that can be eaten room temp/cold? I cannot carry a big cooler or anything in. Just what will fit in a big shoulder bag thing. I usually brought cookies, popcorn mix, etc. But this is our last H.S. event and the number of parents that usually come are small. (usually only my husband and I attend the out of town games, and maybe eight parents at home games. But this last night might be better attended.)The weather in NW IL has turned cold too! Would like to have some new ideas. Thank you in advance! mary

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  1. How about an antipasto platter--thin sliced salami, coppa, meats, olives. Finger food and hearty as well.