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Oct 7, 2005 03:55 PM

your favorite corn chowder?

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does anybody have a yummy recipe for corn chowder that:

1) does not rely on bacon for flavor
2) does not rely on tons of heavy cream for texture
3) is spicy, but in a way that complements the sweetness of the corn?

once i find this magical recipe, i was thinking about adding some shredded chicken to it to make a complete meal....does that seem okay?

any other corn-chowder suggestions are welcome! i am a novice!

will report back!

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  1. You need some smokiness so try substituting a smoked turkey wing for bacon, just cut the meat off of the bone and shred or chop, and you could probably get by with 2% but I will stick with half and half. Be sure to add the scraped corn cobs to the pot while the soup is cooking. It does add extra flavor.

    1. potatoes are a good way to add body without adding too much fat. I like to puree some with chicken stock and sauteed onions, then add it to the soup.

      I also like to throw in a can of non-fat condensed milk... (a weight watchers thing) but not a bad a good to add a little creamy-ness without adding too much fat, etc.

      I don't have an exact recipe.. my corn chowder turns out a little differenct depending on what i have on hand.

      :) megan

      1. Rachel,
        I used to work at a restaurant that served the best corn chowder I've ever had... exactly how you described. I did not get the recipe, and I have struggling to find a recipe that comes close ever since. I stockpiled some recipes just this week to try... if you would like, I could e-mail them to you, and you could decide which one sounds the best. Just let me know!

        1. Have a good corn chowder recipe from the cookbook...At Blanchard's Table...uses no cream....we really like it....I could send if you would like.....