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Green Bell Peppers-- Need to Use 'em Up!

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Lots of GPs from the garden. Doubt they will freeze well. Don't want any to go to waste. Any ideas, greatly appreciated.

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  1. One of my favorite things ever... Stuffed green peppers! Which actually freeze pretty good! :)


    1. You can freeze them. Core, slice or chop I'd freeze on a tray and then pour into a storage bag to make it easier to take poput what you need.

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        yes, they freeze.
        My mom used to freeze large wall sections stacked up together in small bags, then when making any type of sauce where she'd normally use fresh chopped peppers, she'd take out a frozen chunk, and grate on a box grater directly into the sauce. No chopping or prying apart chunks of dice. Flavor comes through very well.

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          I freeze mine in strips to use for stirfrys and fajitas.

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          Sounds like my kind of thing to do with peppers. Thank you for having this suggestion.

        3. char them over a flame (stove top or grill), then cover with a dish towel or put them in a paper bag for a few minutes, then using a dish towel, rub off the skins. Core and cut into eigths (top to bottom), and marinate in olive oil, chopped fresh garlic, s&p.

          1. How about mixing them with all those green tomatos left on the vines to make Pickalily (sp?)?
            Pickallily is wonderful to have all winter long, esp. on good hot dogs.

            1. I make this all the time & itÂ’s really delicious: boil 2 lb potatoes till done, let cool enough to cut into chunks then fry until lightly brown in 2 TB. Oil with 1 lb cut up green peppers, 1 TB turmeric, and salt & pepper. Bon appetite!

              1. I just had the same problem - here's what I did for about 20 good sized peppers:

                5 lbs boudin, removed from casing
                1/2 pound of good feta
                cup of pecan pieces
                cup of golden raisins
                Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg (or you can do 5 spice)
                A little stock to mix it all together

                Cut the tops from peppers and remove seeds, etc.
                Stick the crown inside the pepper
                Steam the peppers for 10 min
                remove and cool somewhat
                Stuff the boudin mixture into the peppers
                Put the crown on the stuffed pepper
                Place them in a deep pan

                I make a tomato concasse/garlic/onion/cumin mixture to place in the pan prior to putting the peppers in.

                Roast for 30 min. The combination of the feta, pork liver, and christmas spices is ethereal. My fiancee is eating these for breakfast, lunch and dinner right now. You could also make a cream sauce rather than the tomato - I'm going to do a brandy cream next time, similar to what you would have on rellenos.

                1. Agree w/ others about stuffed peppers. You can do Italian style or an Eastern European style w/ ground meat and rice. Both can be served w/ a light tomato sauce.

                  If you like the taste of raw green peppers (many don't), then they can be very palatable when their tough outer skin is peeled w/ a peeler, the flesh is julienned, and then tossed w/ feta, black olives, cucumbers, red onions, and zesty vinaigrette for a Greek salad. Can also be used for other salads.

                  1. Brown a pound of sausage and bake with 3-4 bell peppers, sliced, with a few whole cloves of garlic. Great with mustard, provolone cheese, and some killer bread

                    Make chicken or steak fajitas (figure 3 peppers per pound of meat)

                    Dice with onions, potatoes, and cajun seasoning and bake for an hour at 350.

                    1. They freeze like a charm. Core and leave whole, for stuffed peppers, or dice or slice.

                      1. This is a terrific recipe if you still have some (or you can use the ones you might have frozen) https://www.idahosbounty.coop/media/M...

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                          I'm thinking 9 year old frozen peppers might be a tad past due.

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                            In fact, its likely the freezer has long since called it quits.

                        2. Add chopped peppers to:
                          Green Beans, Onion & Bacon
                          Mac & Cheese
                          Chinese Fried Rice

                          Deseed, slice, and freeze for future use. No problems with freezing in our fridge.

                          1. Of COURSE they freeze well. Just cut them up and put them in a plastic bag. You will have them all winter to add to spaghetti sauce or meatloaf or quiches or anything else. If you have freezer space you can freeze halves and stuff them later---getting a little limp in the freezer won't hurt.

                            1. Make bell peppers and beef stir fry. Make a mixture of soy sauce, minced ginger and garlic, white pepper, sugar and a pinch of corn starch. Marinate thin-sliced flank or ribeye for an hour. While beef is marinating, slice a couple bell peppers and one yellow onion into thin ribbons. Pan-fry the sliced beef in a large skillet, then set aside. Add a little more oil and stir fry the vegetables with a bit of chili black bean paste. The beef will have left fond in the pan so use the watery vegetables to scrape it up and blend into the dish. When the vegetables are half done, add the beef back in, toss to combine, and cook the meat through. Serve with steamed rice.