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non-dairy dessert ideas?

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Hi everyone,

I've got friends coming for dinner this weekend, one of whom is lactose intolerant. I have some kosher cookbooks that will have pareve desserts in them, but since I haven't tried them before I don't want to test them on my unsuspecting guests.

Does anyone have any dairy-free dessert recipes that they know and love?


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  1. Sorry for the ignorant question - but does that mean no eggs?

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      Eggs are okay. Butter, milk, cream, anything that has milk in the product, not okay.

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        I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth.....IF someone is allergic to dairy then they should not be eating any of it...by simply using lactose free milk it will not only not solve the problem but may make the individual extremely ill...as to the so called NON DAIRY creamers and whipped toppings, if you look closely THEY DO CONTAIN milk products...the easiest way to solve this problem is to look for products that say PAREVE or PARVE...difficult to know which spelling a company will use but basically if the item is listed as kosher and has that parve notation, it then has absolutely no trace of any dairy in it. And dairy refers to the inclusion of any milk product or derivative of it not just the fact that an item is located in the dairy case at a super market. Try going to any of the kosher recipe web sites as there are many with some really terrific ideas. We have dealt with this problem for many years now since my son has ulcerative colitis and is totally allergic to any dairy products. I hope this information helps you...

    2. strawberry shortcake with cool whip (non-dairy whipped topping)

      mixed Fruit in meringue cups and drizzled with chocolate syrup (if chocolate is OK)

      1. Why not make an apple/pear/berry (alone or in combination) crisp?

        Sorry, no exact recipe, but I'm sure you can replace the butter by a neutral oil or even non-dairy margarine (yes, regular margarine contains dairy). I would also be tempted to replace the butter by apple sauce, which, on top of making your crisp dairy free, would also make it very low fat :-)

        Another idea would be an angel food cake with a berry sauce.

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          Also, you can often use ghee instead of regular butter because the lactose has been almost entirely removed with the milk solids through prolonged clarification (it's a longer process than mere clarification, and the lack of milk solids is one reason it does not go rancid when stored for a long time at room temperature). But I'd check with the person first, just in case they have an extreme sensitivity that most people don't have.

        2. i think your best bet is to simply make something that wouldn't have any dairy in it anyway.

          for example, chocolate sorbet with berries tastes incredibly rich and delicious

          try searching on epicurious for dairy-free desserts!

          Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

          1. There are a world of fruit pies and cobblers, crisps etc. out there that are non-dairy. Use vegetable shortening ( Crisco makes on that has no trans fats now)you can offer choices of toppings, non dairy Cool Whip or whipped cream for those without the problem. Also if you wanted to make something like pumpkin you might substitute Land O Lakes Dairy Ease made for lactose intolerant people for milk in a dish. My mother has been using it for years in cooking and for drinking and on cereal. She says she can'ttell the difference.

            1. Good luck with your dessert quest. Many baked goods can be prepared subbing margarine and soy milk for the their dairy equivalents with reasonably good results.

              You might ask if the lactose intolerant person can in fact tolerate butter, which is mostly fat anyway. Speaking anecdotally and not remotely medically, I know an awful lot of lactose intolerant folks (self included) who would have trouble with ice cream or flan but would be just fine with the butter in a cake or apple crisp.

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                Thanks, everyone.

                My original thought had been to make some sort of fruit tart/crisp using shortening instead of butter. It seems that is an idea that people would support. I'll decide on the filling when I get my CSA box tomorrow...

              2. I recommend Macaroons... almond, walnut, pistachio...
                Egg whites beat until stiff... lightly toast what ever nut you desire (or coconut) and chop them semi-finely, add sugar (confectioner's sugar works best) a pinch of salt and vanilla.
                Bake and eat.

                1. passion fruit sorbet or granita ---

                  recipes abound online, include:
                  frozen passion fruit pulp from latin market, e.g., Goya brand
                  sugar or simple syrup
                  lime juice

                  I'd opt for honey instead of sugar, makes a fine liquado.

                  There are something like 25 frozen fruit pulps in Goya's lineup, and they're not the only supplier of these. Guanabana (soursop) is very creamy in consistency, would work well in desserts.

                  freshly squeezed pineapple juice has a silky, creamy mouthfeel. poured over a scoop of mango sorbet it's a very fine dessert.

                  I've been thinking about making a dulce de coco: enrich coconut milk with powdered coconut cream and sugar to something like the sweetened condensed milk consistency, seal up in a 35mm stainless film can, and boil submerged in water for 2-4 hours like cooking SCmilk to DdL.

                  In general coconut milk is worth thinking about as a dairy substitute.

                  1. Here are a couple. For the tangerine-chocolate tart, just sub margarine for the small amount of butter. The chocolate cake is less spectacular but very quick and reliable. It's good with berries.

                    Tangerine-Chocolate tart:

                    Chocolate Bundt Cake:

                    1. I have a friend with the same problem, and for her, we always ended up buying angel food cake, perhaps drizzling it with a dessert liqueur like Frangelico, and served with sliced strawberries. It's simple, but good.

                      I don't think they currently have them, but around the holidays, Trader Joe's carries (or at least they did last year) a boxed cake that is completely dairy-free. There was an amaretto flavour that I remember, and at least one other flavour. They were actually pretty good and moist. I bought a few and saved them for when my lactose-intolerant friend came over so I could have dessert on hand for her.

                      1. LOVE Tyler Florence's Ultimate Cheesecake, subbing Tofutti Cream Cheese and Non-dairy sour cream, and Fleischmann's Margarine for the crust. My lactose intolerant friend begs for this cheesecake. I leave off the blueberry topping.

                        Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

                        1. I make a chocolate mousse with tofu. It's actually fabulous. Some grated orange zest gives it that extra zing.

                          I just take a tub of firm tofu, melt some chocolate, cool chocolate a bit. Blend together with tofu and add orange zest and some sugar to taste. Chill until firm. If you need a real recipe, I'm sure there are some on the web. If you use good chocolate, this stuff is addictive!