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Oct 6, 2005 05:40 PM

Baby Shower Eats?

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I'm helping organize a baby shower, and need ideas for what to serve. It starts at 2 p.m. so I'm guessing since it's between meal times we can get by with finger foods and snacks.

What are some super easy options that don't involve a lot of prep? The chick that's preggers is vegan so vegan ideas are much appreciated (but they don't all have to be by any means).

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  1. Finger foods are perfect for an afternoon shower. It'll be easier to make everyone happy that way, too. If you're looking for simple prep, it's great to get stuff prepared at the supermarket and then transfer them to a nice dish. Here's a few ideas:

    Get a pre cut vegetable tray. Hollow out a bell pepper and fill it with onion dip for a nice touch.

    Let a wedge of Brie sit to room temp and serve with whole grain crackers

    Buy premade hummus, tabouli, eggplant dip, whatever and serve with cut pitas.

    You also can't go wrong with just a tea party with lots of different fruit and desserts.

    1. We did gazpacho at my shower. I don't know if the tomatoes are a bit too out of season but I guess that depends on where you live. Tea sandwiches. I'd say that you should have some vegan options of course, for the showeree but don't assume that the other guests will be satisfied with vegan fair. You can do some cucumber sandwiches and then some chicken salad sandwiches, etc.

      1. here is a recipe that never fails me, the type that is so easy and people love it:

        8oz sour cream
        8oz philly cream cheese
        1/2 packet of taco seasoning

        combine and top with whatever you want. i usually top it with tons of shredded cheddar, but since it's a taco dip you can add lettuce, tomatoes, olives, etc and it will go well. i serve it usually with tortilla chips, although veggies will work fine also. have fun at the shower.

        1. just had a baby shower and served this: bough pre-made phyllo cups (frozen section). filled with a dice of smoked mozz (can be ANY cheese) and a dice of tomato that had been mixed with minced basil. put in over. melt. serve.

          basically, the phyllo cups rock - fill em with anything you want - prepare ahead a wild mushroom ragout (fineley dice) and heat. or a crab/cheese mixture. Or a piece of brie and your favorite jam. voila.

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            Yum, kinda like my phyllo napoleans.

            Slice phyllo into triangles, or any shape that you like, as long as they're uniform. Brown off the phyllo and cool.

            When they're cool, take one layer of pyllo, top with chopped and drained sundried tomatoes, another layer of phyllo, top with pesto, top with a layer of phyllo.

            You could also do a layer of marscapone or another cheese if you like. Enjoy!