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Oct 5, 2005 03:31 PM

Question #1 - What to do with hotdogs other than in a bun?

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We have two full packages of hotdogs in the freezer from a party we had this summer. With just two of us - putting even four in buns leaves 6 - any suggestions - hopefully more healthy than the way my mother used to serve them (stuffed with cheddar cheese and a piece of bacon on top and then cooked in the oven!) - good but a heart-stopper!

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  1. Franks and beans! Cut up and served in a crock. Might even be South Beach friendly, unless there is too much sugar in the beans.

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    1. re: Ellen

      personally, I much prefer the term "beanie weanies"

      this is a staple when we go camping, either with baked beans or chili.


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        So good with good kosher hot dogs and Bush's baked beans, it's delightful. Truly tasty. The bits of hot dog get so plump cooking in the bean juice. True redneck righteousness.

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        And to keep it a bit healthier, instead of the traditional sweetened beans, try black beans flavored with cumin, black pepper and chile powder. Very nice with all sorts of tubular meat products.

      3. this may sound weird, but when i was little my mom would slice the dogs and heat it in a skillet and then add eggs and make scrambled eggs and hot dogs! it's actually pretty good! i haven't had it since i was little, but my mom still makes it!

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          We used to get salami and eggs, which I still see on deli menus. Hot dogs and eggs sounds good, too.

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            This was going to be my suggestion, my dad made it for breakfast all the time when I was a kid and I still love it.

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              I had breakfast at a local Guatemalan place, and ordered "huevos revueltos con salchichas," not knowing any words but "huevos" and "con." I didn't know exactly what to expect, but braced myself for a broadening experience. Nope, hot dogs and eggs. And it was good!

            2. "Weiners and kraut" was a staple of my semi-deprived childhood - just heated up together in a pan and served with boiled potatoes, butter on the side. Many years later, when we were visiting wife's relatives in France, I insisted that we have BOTH potatoes and choucroute with a supper of blood sausage. They'd never done such a thing - one or the other was the rule - but the meal was a success. And I thought, "Thanks, Mom."

              Must say that mashed potatoes are the better choice...

              1. I've been finding cut-up weiners in everything from Korean soup to curries. It's only been happening where I am in the last few years. Not sure why. They're surprisingly good in Vindaloo curry with shrimp and vegetables.

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                  The Korean soup is called buddae jjige, and is a development from the Korean War and the aftermath. Many American military members would give excess foods like spam, hot dogs, and sausages to Korean families who lived near military bases. The Koreans would add these "surplus foods" to a soup or stew and so a new dish was born (buddae means military base roughly, and jjigae is soup or stew - so base soup).



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                    Ah yes. Those bits of pineapple and chunks of green pepper. And that sauce!
                    I think I remember seeing that dish on a sub-way station floor once. Guess some one had 'spilled' it. LOL