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Oct 5, 2005 09:56 AM

Is my butter still safe to bake with?

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So, stupid me... I left my butter out to bring to room temp because I was going to make cookies, and didn't end up making them. The butter's been out for about two days now... can I still use it to bake with or should I just throw it out?

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  1. I leave my butter out all the time in a butter tray that sits on some cool water. I would say unless it's been 90+ degrees in your house for the past several days, go ahead and use it.

    1. Yes. Butter does not have to be refrigerated (it wasn't for millennia - it's a way of preserving milk for a few days), though it can spoil faster in very high heat and humidity.

      My only caveat is that if you left it opened and completely out in the open nearly high-aroma things, it might have picked up some off-flavors that could be discerned in fine baked goods.

      1. If yoy like butter soft for spreading use, try a Butter Bell. It's a ceramic jar with a deep-sided covering lid that you fill with softened butter, and invert into the partially water-filled lower jar. This creates an air seal that keeps the butter's fats from oxidizing while still staying spreadably soft. Change the water every few days and clean the butter bell when refilling. I use unsalted butter in my bell and it doesn't go 'off'.

        You can keep your baking butter in the reefer, though not in the butter keeper, which I've been told has a small heating unit(!)to keep butter soft. ACK!

        This way you've got good cold butter for cutting in, and soft butter for spreading.

        1. It is just fine. I keepmine in a dish in the cupbpard often for a week, even in summer.

          1. Thanks everyone... I feel better now! I do have a French butter dish like some of you were talking about, but I just had my butter sitting out in its wrapper. So, now I can make cookies!