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Oct 3, 2005 06:40 PM

Of hocks and shanks

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The discussion on hocks and shanks got me to thinking about cooking up a pot of greens to go with some roast pork. My regular grocery has smoked hocks and they do provide some flavor but as noted not much meat. I went to a different store and picked up turnip greens and in the meat department there were smoked ham shanks. Big meaty shanks. They weighed almost 2lbs. each. I had them cut the one I bought in half. I froze on half and trimmedthe meat from the other half and put the shank in the bottom of my pot and then layered in greens and ham pieces. There is now a nice pot of well seasoned slightly smoky and meaty greens ready to have for dinner tonight. I think I will only buy the shanks anymore. It is a much better value than the hocks.

Next I have to get to the cornbread. I have half a pint of buttermilk left from that chocolate pound cake i made on Friday. It seems like the perfect accompaniment for the greens and that will use that up too.

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  1. If you see a tired, steaming car with CA plates out front, and a fat old guy huffin' up to your door, that's me. Please set an extra plate...

    1. In the pea soup thread, BerkleyBabe suggested smoked turkey wings or drumsticks. I love the wings in a pot of mustard or turnip greens. I add some dry white wine or vermouth to the cooking liquid. Those shanks sound amazing. I do have a decent butcher, who I'll ask about those! Happy eating this evening.

      1. I, too, love hocks and shanks....they have, however, become outrageously expensive compared to a couple of years ago. Now one can spend $5 or $6 for a large shank. Not exactly economy cuisine. Same is true for lamb shanks and riblets. You used to be able to buy them for practically nothing...and I'm not talking 20 years ago here. I guess that as folks get more sophisticated, other, less-known cuts become more popular. Too bad. I always buy the cheaper one and add sausages or something to the final soup after simmering it with the hock...or is it shank? Maybe shock?

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          Perhaps, based on the price. ; )

          1. re: Sweet Pea

            At $1.99/lb my very very meaty shank came to a whopping $3.48 and since I had the butcher cut it in half it will do double duty and enliven another dish before too long.