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Oct 3, 2005 05:31 PM

Chopped liver query

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Help - I made too much. Can I freeze it?

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  1. I was always told not to.....but I can't tell you why.

    1. In my family there was no such thing as too much chopped liver!!!

      1. Recently, I made enough to have some to freeze...alas, I haven't thawed it yet. I will report when I do. I think the problem is the hard boiled egg (of which I use much) not freezing properly. I have frozen others pate, which was awful...but I think it was lousy pate to being with. I can't think of any reason why is wouldn't freeze OK.

        1. general reaction to a post is that if it has three responses it is taken care of, but clearly not.

          Yes, you can freeze it. I usually freeze it direct from mini-loaf pans, wrapped in plastic wrap, then in aluminum foil. Upon thawing (in fridge, duh) lots of water will be evident. I use paper towels to soak it up and dry out the paste. Several towels, well blotted. Then I remix the now dry/flaky chicken liver with mayo. So okay, it makes it more unhealthy than it already was, but it regains its creaminess, and still tastes like fresh.