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Oct 3, 2005 02:57 PM

The best banana bread ever, thx,nooodles!

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The BF had three dead bananas, and I have no recipe for babana bread, but I did remember nooodles' from a thread a few weeks ago....I didn't even make the glaze, but it was fabulous; rich, MOIST and sweet. I didn't have a masher, so I beat the bananas a pinch with the mixer...I was afraid they were too soupy, but the results were sublime...This is definitely a keeper, we love it...Thank you, nooodles.


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  1. Thanks! Great to get positive feedback from the woman who introduced me to the Galleygirl pear tart.

    I usually just mash the bananas with the back of a fork until they're fairly soupy. I also find the bread sweet enough without the glaze, but have a lot of sweet toothed friends who like it.

    The bread freezes well, too, in case you need some freezer food.

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      That would be assuming thre was any left to freeze.. ;)