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Le Creuset-type Cookware for Less?

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Hi. i'd love to buy my friend a piece of Le Creuset cookware for her birthday, but just don't have the $$ for it. Any ideas on other types of enamel cast-iron cookware that might be just as good (and not cost a fortune?)

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  1. Do you have an outlet near you? If color is not an issue you can get some amazing deals, plus they are having a big sale right now. I have yet to find a *comparable* product for less money than the outlets have for the real deal.

    Keep in mind that there are a lot of look-a-likes out there but just one heft you can tell that they are not the same thing.

    Link: http://www.outletsonline.com/lecreuse...

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      Thanks. Do any of the outlets have a website?

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        No they don't ( at least they didn't last time I looked).

    2. Just this Saturday, I bought a Le Creuset rissotto pot which normally retails for $265 and it was on sale for $79. It is in the beautiful brick red color. I was at the Gilroy outlet store and they had other stuff on sale. I also bought 4 red ramekins on sale for $5 and they are normally $20. The rissotto pot is bigger than the 5 quart size pot I went in there to get but I couldn't resist the good deal. They were going pretty fast.

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        The Outlets started their October Clearance on Saturday. They will take phone orders.

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          How can I find out what kind of stock the outlets have? I'm in NYC. Any ideas on which outlet to call?

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            Check the outlet prices against Broadway Panhandler on Broome St in Soho . . . they often run very good sales . . .

            I got a giant (discontinued color) pot at one of the Carolina Creuset outlets and hauled it back to NYC to see a pretty close price match at B'Way Panhandler. They no longer make in the Carolinas (or anywhere in the USA, I think) so the outlets are not really factory outlets anymore.

            It is fantastic cookware and well worth the money. A friend gave me my first Creuset as a housewarming present, and I'll love her for that forever.

            I buy it used (especially pieces they no longer make) on eBay, but that's a whole other kettle of fish, and probably not what you want to do for a gift.

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              If you will look at foodiex'spost at the bottom of this thread you will see a link to the Le Creusets outlet stores. Their phone numbers are posted there. There are 2 in NY 1 in NJ and Connecticut

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            I just bought the 5.5 oval, I think in Dijon, over the phone for $69.99. (Thanks to Candy!) It was between that or the 2.75 round for $49.99... I hope I made the right decision! Feel free to make me feel good about my decision!!! :)

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              Good job! You saved $100 off of Williams Sonoma's SALE price.

          3. Nothing compares to le Creuset.
            I have my Mom's pots that are 40 years old and still in perfect condition.
            They are the best for cooking, and practically indestructable.

            1. Interestingly, I was just in a Marshalls (a discount department store, a la Ross or TJ Maxx) and they had about 10 pieces of Le Creuset (the real deal, as far as I could tell) for under $100. I didn't look too closely at sizes/styles since I'm not in the market but it's worth a try. I've seen them there before, definitely. They had oval and round styles, in the classic red/orange, and some green and blue pieces too.

              This Marshalls is in Burbank, CA, so I apologize if there aren't any in NYC!

              1. I just looked on eBay and found the 7 1/4 round oven for $119-$139 + $20 shipping. The listings claim these are brand new items. The cheapest I’ve seen this from online retailers is $219.


                1. Caplan Duval also has great prices on Le Creuset. Sign up for the newsletter so that you will be notified of sales and specials.

                  Believe it or not, my sister loves her Martha Stewart enameled cast iron Dutch Oven (5 quart) from K-Mart and the best part it only cost $39.99. I'm not sure if this is still available

                  Link: http://www.caplanduval.com

                  1. costco now has the 4.5 qt.(I believe) round covered oven for $69.00 in the Southern Calif stores. One size only, and as a Dutch oven, perhaps not big enough to be really practical. In Blue only.