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Oct 3, 2005 02:55 PM

Le Creuset-type Cookware for Less?

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Hi. i'd love to buy my friend a piece of Le Creuset cookware for her birthday, but just don't have the $$ for it. Any ideas on other types of enamel cast-iron cookware that might be just as good (and not cost a fortune?)

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  1. Do you have an outlet near you? If color is not an issue you can get some amazing deals, plus they are having a big sale right now. I have yet to find a *comparable* product for less money than the outlets have for the real deal.

    Keep in mind that there are a lot of look-a-likes out there but just one heft you can tell that they are not the same thing.


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    1. re: foodiex2

      Thanks. Do any of the outlets have a website?

      1. re: FLEUR

        No they don't ( at least they didn't last time I looked).

    2. Just this Saturday, I bought a Le Creuset rissotto pot which normally retails for $265 and it was on sale for $79. It is in the beautiful brick red color. I was at the Gilroy outlet store and they had other stuff on sale. I also bought 4 red ramekins on sale for $5 and they are normally $20. The rissotto pot is bigger than the 5 quart size pot I went in there to get but I couldn't resist the good deal. They were going pretty fast.

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      1. re: Barbara

        The Outlets started their October Clearance on Saturday. They will take phone orders.

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          How can I find out what kind of stock the outlets have? I'm in NYC. Any ideas on which outlet to call?

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            Check the outlet prices against Broadway Panhandler on Broome St in Soho . . . they often run very good sales . . .

            I got a giant (discontinued color) pot at one of the Carolina Creuset outlets and hauled it back to NYC to see a pretty close price match at B'Way Panhandler. They no longer make in the Carolinas (or anywhere in the USA, I think) so the outlets are not really factory outlets anymore.

            It is fantastic cookware and well worth the money. A friend gave me my first Creuset as a housewarming present, and I'll love her for that forever.

            I buy it used (especially pieces they no longer make) on eBay, but that's a whole other kettle of fish, and probably not what you want to do for a gift.

            1. re: Lila

              If you will look at foodiex'spost at the bottom of this thread you will see a link to the Le Creusets outlet stores. Their phone numbers are posted there. There are 2 in NY 1 in NJ and Connecticut

          2. re: Barbara

            I just bought the 5.5 oval, I think in Dijon, over the phone for $69.99. (Thanks to Candy!) It was between that or the 2.75 round for $49.99... I hope I made the right decision! Feel free to make me feel good about my decision!!! :)

            1. re: Katie Nell

              Good job! You saved $100 off of Williams Sonoma's SALE price.

          3. Nothing compares to le Creuset.
            I have my Mom's pots that are 40 years old and still in perfect condition.
            They are the best for cooking, and practically indestructable.

            1. Interestingly, I was just in a Marshalls (a discount department store, a la Ross or TJ Maxx) and they had about 10 pieces of Le Creuset (the real deal, as far as I could tell) for under $100. I didn't look too closely at sizes/styles since I'm not in the market but it's worth a try. I've seen them there before, definitely. They had oval and round styles, in the classic red/orange, and some green and blue pieces too.

              This Marshalls is in Burbank, CA, so I apologize if there aren't any in NYC!

              1. I just looked on eBay and found the 7 1/4 round oven for $119-$139 + $20 shipping. The listings claim these are brand new items. The cheapest I’ve seen this from online retailers is $219.