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Oct 3, 2005 02:40 PM

Just bought a can of straw mushrooms-what to do?

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I figured i would just toss em into a stir fry but would like to know if anybody has a specific recipe that they love with them. Thanks

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  1. sauteed with chinese broccoli. added to thai tom yum soup...

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    1. re: dano

      Yup! I also add them to Thai Curries... I find them a little too delicate to stirfry...

      Enjoy! :)


    2. d
      Das Ubergeek

      Add them to Thai green curry along with chicken, bamboo shoots, and parboiled quartered Thai eggplants.

      1. Agree with all the other posts. Caution!!! - I picked up a can on sale the other day and was completely confused when I opened the can. They had a "skin" all around- the traditional mushroom was inside. Turns out I did not have reading glasses on and did not notice the note about "unpeeled". They looked like little uncircumcised mushrooms. Used them in a Thai style risotto but traditionally use them in soups.