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Oct 3, 2005 02:24 PM

Making a caramel-y sauce for Apple Dutch Baby- CHALLENGE!

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I make an Apple Dutch Baby pancake for breakfast about once a month.
I'd like to make a caramely type topping/sauce to put on top either during baking or to serve on the side.
There is a catch, however. The topping/sauce has to have as few ingredients as possible.
I want to be able to have this pancake taste as caramel appley as possible.
Can you help? I look forward to your replies!

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    babette feasts

    Caramelize sugar (say 1/2 cup). Add apple cider (say 2 c.). Reduce to appropriate sauce consistency, maybe throw in a cinnamon stick or a clove or a slice of fresh ginger while it's reducing. Swirl in a little butter before serving. Voila.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      I would add some heavy cream to that and really darken that sugar to develop deep flavor. Oh, and be sure that your sugar is pure cane sugar. Making caramel sauce was where I first became aware of the differences between cane sugar and beet. That was one sticky, nasty mess. If the sugar packagedoes not say 100% or Pure Cane then you are getting beet sugar.

      1. re: Candy
        babette feasts

        Cream is good, but I'd be inclined to whip it and serve it on top - making the most impact with few ingredients. Or whipped creme fraiche would be nice, as would a slug of calvados incorporated in there somewhere.

    2. 1 ingredient caramel sauce:

      1 Can of sweetened condensed milk.
      Pot of water.

      I've seen this done and I've seen the results, I just haven't done it myself. Hit the internet to find out how long you're supposed to boil the can.

      Put can of SCM in pot with water to cover. Bring to a boil. Boil for a while. Let cool. Open can. Pour creamy caramel-y sauce over desired sweet treat.

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      1. re: jdherbert

        This is how all of my Mexican friends make cajeta (simmer for about an hour and don't open the can until finished).

        However, it doesn't taste---to me, at least---like caramel sauce.

      2. I usually make apple pancakes on a griddle. TO make a caramelly sauce I sprinke the uncooked side with liberal amounts of brown sugar (cinnamon optional) before I flip them, and add extra butter to the pan to caramelize. The result is a gooey sticky tasty caramelly coating on the flipped side (which also usually has the apples on it).

        If baking I would simply sprinkle the top of the pancake with brown sugar about halfway through baking. Perhaps broil quickly if the sugar hasn't melted. Optionally one could consider using liberal amounts of butter and brown sugar on the bottom of the pan prior to pouring in the batter to be baked.