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Oct 3, 2005 12:52 PM

esoteric and exotic dinner party

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I would like to have a dinner party with an exotic cuisine... I would be open to any and all ideas and recipes...Brazilian...Afghani?

Thank you and I will report back!

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  1. One of the best "exotic" dinner parties I attended was a wild game one. All food served had been hunted and/or dressed by the host. We had duck breasts wrapped in bacon, smoked salmon and blue fish pate for app's. For dinner there was rabbit stew, venison steaks and spinach/blue cheese stuffed pork loin. Desserts were from their gardens (raspberries and blueberries) topped w/ cream from a local dairy. Yum!

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      Interesting...though I have no access to some of the ingredients...

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        If you have a good butcher he should easily be able to get you venison, duck and rabbit. I think even whole foods could special order them. As far as the bacon and the pork loin you could jsut cheat and buy from your local grocer.

    2. There are so many things I can think of: Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Greek, Southeast Asian, etc., etc., etc.
      So, this is probably what I would do in your shoes: pick up some take out menus from some of the exotic restaurants in your area. Look through them and use them for ideas to plan your party. Once you picked some items that sound interesting to you, look for the recipes online or in your cookbooks.

      1. Well, esoteric and exotic mean too different things to me.

        For something more exotic, I say Moroccan. The food is very sensuous, communal, and many dishes can be prepared ahead of time. The lush colors and earthy ingredients of the food are perfect for fall too. A friend of mine made an amazing Moroccan meal once and we sat on the floor w/ a low table and pillows. Paula Wolfert's book on Moroccan cuisine is a great resource. Her other book on Mediterranean cooking may also have some relevance, but I haven't seen it. While traditional bastilla is time-intensive, I think that one made w/ storebought phyllo wouldn't be too difficult.

        For something esoteric, I would do something quirky like an Iron Chef tasting menu that incorporates the same one ingredient in every course. Could be something serious (like eggplant) or something more funny (like Dr. Pepper). I would type up a tasting menu that was consistent w/ the theme and place at the table setting of each guest. Hehe, you could even record some of it and send it to FoodTV as part of their "how do you Iron Chef?" commercials.