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Oct 3, 2005 09:10 AM

Tried and True Party Apps....want to compile a list?

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Having a party in a few weeks and feel like I'm always going back to the ol' standbys for finger food. I'm always looking to add new, yummy apps to my collection! Post 'em here!

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  1. Old Standbys:

    Prunes d'Agen stuffed with a walnut half and wrapped in prociutto or Bayonne ham

    Phyllo dough purses with a blue cheese/pear/leek stuffing (also can make with brie and a little apricot jam)

    Gravlax with a mustard dill sauce

    Trout salad canapes

    Two new ME favorites:

    Hummus with ground lamb & pine nuts
    Feta/tomato/olive oil/zatar dip

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    1. re: MMRuth

      I forgot one -

      Rounds of goat cheese topped with an herb(I like chives), wrapped in prociutto and sauteed.

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        Angels on horseback
        Devils on horseback
        Scotch woodcock


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        peppermint pate

        Hi - I saw you mention the hummus/lamb/pine nuts in a post below as well. Sounds yummy. Do you just top hummus with seasoned ground lamb and toasted pine nuts? If so, what seasoning? Thanks.

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          You toast the pinenuts (1/4 cup) in 2T butter, remove when brown, then add about 1/3 pound of ground lamb, saute for 10 minutes, just season w/ salt & pepper. I then spread this over about 1 1/2 - 2 cups hummus.

        2. re: MMRuth

          Goat cheese with sour/black cherry preserves, served on bread/pastry of your choice.

        3. Cold filet minion on toast points with horseradish cream

          1. Dates stuffed w/ goat cheese, wrapped w/ prosciutto and lightly sauted.

            1. I stuff my dates with parmesan, wrap with bacon, and bake in the oven until the bacon is done and the cheese is melted.

              Puff pastry pinwheels - spread pesto over a sheet of puff pastry, one layer of proscuitto, and then grated cheese (I use the four-cheese Italian blend from Trader Joe's). Roll up jelly roll-style. I generally refrigerate them at this stage to make them easier to slice. Slice about 1/2 inch - 3/4 inch thick, then bake in the oven until the cheese is melted. (I line my baking sheet with foil to make cleanup easier).

              Baked brie always goes over well. I generally like to add pesto and chopped garlic to mine, although a friend does a good one with brown sugar and dried cranberries.

              Slice a cucumber into rounds. Spread goat cheese on top (in the picture below, we just used plain goat cheese, but in the future I'd probably mix in some herbs, or use an herbed goat cheese). Top with smoked salmon (in some markets, you can buy smoked salmon ends which are cheaper and work just fine). Top with capers.

              Fried wonton.


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              1. re: jacinthe

                LOL, the picture reminds me of the time I made a big platter of cream cheese canapes topped with lox. When the guests arrived, I chatted with them for a while, then happened to glance back. Cleo had jumped onto the table and was busy removing the salmon from the appetizers and had gotten about half way through them before I caught her at it.

                Something to keep in mind if you have appetizers and pets in the same space.

                1. re: jacinthe

                  Agree with your ideas.

                  I usually stuff a date with a blanched almond, cover with bacon then top with a tiny dash of cayenne prior to baking. (I'll have to try Parmesan next time.)

                2. Satay chicken is a winner. Especially because you can serve it at room temp. I love making the Union Square spiced nuts. Just roast some nuts in the oven (almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts). Mix together brown sugar, cayenne pepper, finely chopped rosemary and salt. Melt butter in a wok, add the brown sugar mixture. Toss in the nuts. Dips are also easy. I make Barefoot Contessa's pan fried onion dip and a great warm crab dip which is canned crab, cream cheese, butter and tabsco melted together.