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Oct 3, 2005 08:41 AM

Help me add one more app to my wedding reception

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We are having a wedding brunch for 60 people. There will be a 45 minute period for cocktails (bloodies, mimosa's, etc.) with a raw bar (oysters, shrimp and clams). I have added melon wrapped in proscuitto in addition to the raw bar for those who do not eat seafood. I think I need one more appetizer to round this out? Any ideas. We are having a pretty substantial brunch and wedding cake. Thanks in adavance!

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  1. Maybe some sort of cheese thing - gougeres maybe?

    1. here's the obvious -- how about fruit?
      perhaps you have vegetarian guests, or people who just can't face substantial food in the morning....

      anyway, it doesn't have to be just grapes and strawberries - cheese stuffed figs, things like that . . .

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        How about strawberry, raspberry or blueberry blintzes?

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          Amuse Bouches

          Something vegetarian. At my wedding we served artichoke caps with a mushroom mousse -- that was good.

          1. How about small cups of intesnely flavored soup--if it's warm outside, gazpacho, otherwise a mushroom bisque of some sort with sherry, or, going with the raw bar, a seafood bisque or a great fresh tomato bisque.