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Oct 2, 2005 11:21 PM

Candy Thermometer

  • k

Is it necessary to get a candy thermometer if you are making candy or can you use a regular thermometer, like you would use for meat?

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  1. Most meat thermometer won't measure temperatures high enough to be useful when making candy. Check your recipe for the temperatures, look at your meat thermometer, and you'll see.

    There might be other reasons too, but this is the most immediately apparent to me.

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    1. re: nooodles

      As noodles said...not necessary to get one that says "hard break" and all that stuff, but necessary to get one that lists measurements above the range you want to use (and good increments IN the range you will use it).

      And the cost is probably $15-ish, so why risk it?

      1. re: SteveT

        Thanks guys! I actually just bought one for $3.99 at Target, so even if I only use it this one time, it won't matter too much! Thanks again for the help!

      2. re: nooodles

        Nooodles, when using a candy thermo that is suspended by a clip on the pan side, is it necessary to keep the tip off the pan bottom? I assumed this would give a false reading, but sometimes the liquid is so shallow it seems hard to get a good reading anyway.
        Your thoughts?