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Oct 2, 2005 02:12 PM

help! getting rid of burnt-pot smell!

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OK I pulled a Grandma trick last night--left a pot with chicken parts on the stove and it burnt to the bottom. ACK!!
took the pot outside quickly, but the burnt smell persists in the house today. Guest coming this afternnon! Any tricks???
I've tried opening up the house, fans going, candles both scented and unscented, nothing works. Help, hounds, Help!
What a maroon!!!!!!

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  1. Some dishes of white vinegar placed around will clear somke odors, you might try it.

    1. There is a product call ozone or something rahter. It is a spray that will neturalize odor. Also, fabreeze for quick cover-up and a product call Orange Mate Mist.

      1. I think you can get rid of most awful smells by boiling some strong coffee for a few minutes (just don't make the same mistake and let it boil away!). If I had some used coffee grounds around, I might try toasting them in a frypan. Also, you might roast an orange or a lemon in the oven after scoring the peel.

        1. Make yourself a pitcher of OJ or lemonade, and simmer the peels for a few hours. The citrus smell really neutralizes smoke odors.

          Also wipe down all surfaces, including the walls, and vacuum.

          1. If you burn a pot on the stove just spray bleach on the stove ile that you had used and spray frebreez with the bleach it works