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Oct 2, 2005 08:16 AM

Interesting question

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I have a recipe for a cake from Bogota, Colombia, which is located 8100 feet above sea level. The cake, which is supposed to be very moist, comes out quite dry. Does anyone know how to modify a high-altitude recipe for low altitude? (I live in the NY area) Thanks!

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  1. check with your iranian pals - they are always grumbling about this.

    1. I think this question is addressed in the Joy of Cooking... sorry, I don't have a copy with me at the moment.

      1. To NyackBaker: Joy of Cooking has a whole chapter on altitude differences in cooking in the 1953 edition but I don't find it in the 1946 or the 1975 editions. However, if you google "high altitude baking" you will get a lot of hits. And, greetings: 45 years ago I was a West Nyack Baker.