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Sep 30, 2005 06:52 PM

home coffee makers

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It is time for a new one. Looking for a good home brewer but not one in the $500 range. More in the $100-$200 range.Ive spent much time investigating and come away....well with no seeming consensus to any type at all. Every maker and type seems to have its fans and detractors. 4 cup is fine. No single cup brewer. Not looking for grinders, cappuccino makers, latte makers....just coffee. Not a french press, Ive got one..... Am interested in hounders thoughts.

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  1. I've had a Capresso MT500 coffee maker for a couple of years. I really love it, and have encouraged several others to buy as well.

    This machine makes great coffee. Permanent gold tone filter, and an incredible carafe that keeps coffee hot for more hours than they advertise. It's got 10 or 12 cup brewing capacity, but there's a setting to optimize brewing for less than 5 cups. It has a timer and an optional water filter too.

    Highly recommended.

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      I also forgot to mention that it brews a pot of coffee in about 7 minutes.

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        How much?
        And where to purchase?

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          I paid $199.99 for mine at a specialty kitchen shop. You also may order them online in white or black. KitchenKaboodle, Meier and Frank, etc., have them.

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        I absolutely love my Capresso!! There is nothing that produces a better cup of coffee than freshly ground beans. The burr grinder going off each morning is actually my alarm clock!! I love the charcoal filtering system so that each pot begins with pure water and freshly ground beans. I'd give up most items in my gourmet kitchen before I'd give up my Capresso!!!

      3. I like my Krupp's. I bought it at a Bed, Bath and Beyond about three years ago. It is the type with a thermal carafe and automatic timer, which I adore. Nothing like waking up and your coffee is already made. I tweek my regular coffee brand with 1/3 French roast, and I get a lot of compliments. Even without the French roast it makes a great cup of coffee.

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          I have a Krups too and I think it makes a darn good cup of coffee - provided you start with decent beans. The one I have also has a timer but not a thermal carafe. I understand the sense of the thermal carafe, but I like being able to see how much coffee is in the pot from across the room - which you can't do with the thermal ones.

          I got my coffeemaker at Costco and it didn't cost more than $60. It's been going for two years and still works fine. Has a water filter in it which has to be changed every so often.

          Personally, I don't see the point in a really expensive coffeemaker. For espresso, I have an espresso maker. My coffeemaker only has to make coffee, which it does.

        2. I use an electric Bodum Santos and a good thermos to keep the coffee hot after its brewed - I like very hot coffee. The Bodum is lots of fun to watch too - the first few times, at least - and the electric model is all plastic so no breakable parts.