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Sep 30, 2005 06:22 PM

What is cooking?

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We have had a wonderful cold front come through and the heat and humidity are gone, the heat will be back next week but right now I am enjoying the chill in the air and some fall food. Last night I made braised chicken in Madiera, a root vegetable ragout and baked cheese grits. Tonight is is pork roast with baked sweet potatoes and broccoli with hollandaise. Tomorrow is meat loaf, and then unfortunately the temps will be back in the 80's

Has anyone else been inspired by some of these cool crisp days? If so what are you cooking?

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  1. I don't know about cool and crisp -- it's 106° and about 7% humidity here between the Castaways and the Topanga fires...

    .so tonight's dinner is sausage and pepper sandwiches and raspberry fool.

    1. yep... have to agree with Das Ubergeek... not quite 106, but we're still firing up the grill on a regular basis and enjoying a last few dinners on the patio.

      so these days I'm mostly inspired by trying to find something to make out of my abundance of zucchini.

      last night I made some grilled chicken with a mustard/herb sauce and some cheddar/scallion/zucchini bread. we're having re-runs for dinner tonight. :)

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        Would you mind sharing the recipe for the cheddar/scallion/zucchini bread? Sounds yummy.

      2. When it was a bit nippy here at the beginning of this week, I made a creamy roasted vegetable soup w/ eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers (seen below). Also made a warming bowl of pho ga for the first time! We grilled last night since it was so balmy and nice, but forecast calls for rain by Sun. and I plan to make pho bo soon.


        1. Like what Das Ubergeek says, still a bit hot here in SoCal for braises and all, though that seldom stops me if I'm in the mood. I'm cooking for the in-laws tomorrow night, and was mulling over warm-weather meals that could still be done in one dish, preferably in an oven, and then I remembered some KILLER seafood enchiladas I invented back around the last glacial I dug out the recipe and shopped for the stuff. It *has* been a while, though, so I'll wait until the verdict is in before posting the recipe...

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            I'd very much like a seafood enchilada recipe. I'll be watching for it. Thanks.

          2. According to Sandra Lee, it's 30% homemade.

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              What is 30% homemade? Everything I make is from scratch.